• Pictures of SU Merch From the Toy Fair 2016!

    Believe it or not, this is all official merch! Hopefully some things are prototypes...

    Plushies! Look at that Lion! Looks a little pale... At least pearl has an nose.

    ...or not.

    Official cookie cat plush!

    Oh hey, remember the post on the Mystery Mini's? Bet these are them.

    Hulk Smash Hands Garnet Gauntlet's!

    And a real shield like Steven's! (Most likely made of foam.)

    WHAT THE HECK IS THIS??? Who?! What?! Why was the other merch so normal and now... THIS?! Guess in the comments whatever the heck this is and why Pearl looks so horrified.

    Smile through the pain.

    Twitter: Emerald