• Fan Theory: Golf Quest Mini

    So what are the limitations of Rose's Room? We've seen Steven recreate almost the entirety of Beach City. Of course, none of the citizens were very realistic, and with the room too full, everything glitched out. But when Steven and Connie wanted to reenact scenes from Unfamiliar Familiar, the room easily created everything they needed... except that it accidentally created a second Connie. True to the nature of the room (and the little pink whale), cloud Connie as always wanting to please Steven and do what he wanted. Yet, when Steven wanted to hear the remainder of Peridot's speech from 'Catch and Release', it was unable to because that was not something Steven had seen. However, if Steven had an idea in mind of what he THOUGHT Peridot was going to say, would the room have automatically projected that and finished her sentence? Check out the theory below, and then give your thoughts in the comments about how far Rose's Room can go!

    “I wanna see the end of my game without being interrupted!”

    Here’s something weird: Rose’s Room allows Steven to watch the rest of the Golf Quest Mini secret ending, but up until that point it’s implied that he’s never seen it before.
    By contrast, in Catch and Release, the room can’t finish Peridot’s sentence because Steven himself doesn’t know what she was going to say.

    If the room can really only show him things that he knows (or thinks he knows) then we could theorize that the ending of the game was created from Steven’s own imagination. Remember in Open Book, Connie remarks that Steven imagined some of the costumes incorrectly—so it seems possible for the room to create things based on Steven’s assumptions, even if they’re incorrect.

    To be fair, it’s never said outright that he’s never seen the secret ending, and he seems pretty good at the game to the point where you can argue he’s probably played it multiple times. So maybe he has seen the ending, and his eagerness to watch it is based simply on the fact that it’s difficult & rare to achieve?
    Either line of thinking is based largely on conjecture, so we may never know.

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