• Tips For Surviving the Hiatus

    Having a hard time with the hiatus? There are some tips below on how to keep occupied during the times when there is no SU. Thre's some pretty cool stuff below!

    i’ve compiled a list of stuff i feel steven universe fans might be interested in that you can check out while su is on hiatus!
    steven universe official content!
    • su comics - official comics full of content! they’re not free, but you can get them digitally on comixology, which i linked.
    • more su comics - these new ones are not out yet but come out march 16th! again, not free.
    • rewatch steven universe - why not rewatch the show while you wait?
    • pilot - watch the su pilot if you haven’t already, and see where it all began!
    • shorts - several official steven universe shorts have been released digitally
    • attack the light - an official mobile game! it’s a lot of fun, and is available on most devices (i linked the google play store). it costs $3.
    cartoons (i have kisscartoon linked here, all the cartoons in this section besides the last one can be watched there!)
    • avatar: the last airbender / the legend of korra - my favorite cartoon ever next to steven universe, it is a very developed story full of wonderful characters in an intriguing world. in the sequel series, legend of korra, the main character is a bi woman. every character in the show is asian! the series is completed.
    • star vs. the forces of evil - a relatively new (and easy to catch up on!) disney series about a magical alien princess named star butterfly who comes to live on earth with a human named marco diaz. it is a lighthearted, fun show. it is currently on hiatus and comes back this spring or summer.
    • gravity falls - two kids go for the summer to live with their great uncle in the mysterious town of gravity falls. this show is excellent. it is genuinely funny, has loveable characters, and an engaging story full of clues for the viewer to analyze. the series has recently concluded.
    • wander over yonder - a lighthearted, fun show about an alien named wander who travels through space, trying to spread kindness through the galaxy. shares the same sense of positivity and love that steven universe does. the series has 13 episodes left before its conclusion and is not on hiatus.
    • adventure time - a huge inspiration for steven universe and many modern western cartoons (rebecca sugar herself worked on it), adventure time has hundreds of episodes and can certainly keep you occupied while you wait for su to come back. it is currently not on hiatus.
    • over the garden wall - a 10-episode concluded miniseries (the whole series is just under 2 hours long) about two brothers who become lost in the unknown.
    • lilo and stitch - the best disney movie. about a girl who finds an alien that crash-landed on earth. there’s also a sequel movie and a pretty decent monster-of-the-week-style spinoff tv series, so lots of content to keep you occupied!
    • doris & mary-anne are breaking out of prison - a short webseries by steven universe writer ben levin about two ladies in prison.
    • sailor moon - a classic magical girl anime from the 90s!
    • gatchaman crowds - a show about a girl who is chosen to join a legion of alien-fighters who protect earth, but wants to befriend her enemies instead.
    webcomics by members of the crewniverse
    • neokosmos - by storyboard revisionist amber rogers along with shelby cragg. it’s about alien happenings in the far future (i don’t want to give too much away). no one in it is cis. it gets pretty dark and there are some gorey scenes, so be warned!
    • rachael and penny - by storyboard artist / writer lauren zuke. about a rock star and her manager, who is in love with her. it’s really gay
    • remake - a book by storyboard artist, writer, and voice of buck dewey, lamar abrams. i actually haven’t read it yet but i’ve been meaning to! this one isn’t free.
    other webcomics (all feature lgbt characters)
    • cucumber quest - a very cute story about a boy who is tasked with saving the world (but doesn’t want to be), his little sister who isn’t tasked with saving the world (but wants to be), and their adventures.
    • monster pulse - mysterious shady scientists create a weird thing that creates monsters out of human body parts. when a girl’s heart is turned into a monster, she and 3 other kids in a similar situation try to keep themselves and others safe and uncover the myteries of the organization.
    • gunnerkrigg court - a long, involved story with tons of worldbuilding, interesting characters, and magical (and scientific!) shenanigans.
    • agents of the realm - an amazing story about college students who become magical girls!
    • paranatural - to be honest su and pn don’t have much in common, but paranatural is so good i couldn’t not include it. a hilarious story about a group of kids who fight ghosts.
    video games
    • undertale - i’m sure you’ve heard too much about this game already, but it really is amazing. a choice-based rpg where you don’t have to fight anyone (but can). it is $10, but here are some youtube playthroughs you can check out: pacifist no commentarypacifist with commentary (by youtuber laura kate, who is wonderful). i strongly recommend seeing/playing pacifist first before any other sort of playthrough, but the choice is yours. also this game has lesbians and a non-binary protagonist!
    • birdland - a short, free-to-play browser game about a young lesbian trying to solve a paranormal mystery at her summer camp!
    • estelle - the voice of garnet is a professional singer! she has 4 albums out, the most recent of which was released last month! (edit: nvm i didnt see the year, her most recent album was released 13 months ago)
    fan episode (in progress)
    • the smothering - a bunch of fans are working on making an 11-minute fully voiced, animated, and colored fanepisode of the momswap au! they’re still looking for a voice for jasper if you’re interested! you can find out more about the project in the post i linked.

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