• Fan Theory: In Too Deep

    New footage, even 30 seconds of it, leaves fans speculating! Analyzing frame by frame, and second by second, what would the SU fandom be without these theories?

    okay, so everyone has been discussing the pink glow around steven recently.
    but can we discuss this thing right here though??
    whose hand is that? the color is tinted by the background, but we can clearly tell it’s either supposed to be brown or red. it could be garnet, as she can withstand extreme temperatures, except for the fact that garnet has gems on her hands and also those finger coverings.
    it could be jasper too, except the size of the palms and the thickness of the fingers don’t match.
    at first i was thinking it might just be the cluster itself, as we haven’t seen it yet, but then something occurred to me.
    connie’s hands seem to match up perfectly with it. the fingers taper to a point, the color is right…but how would connie get down there? she didn’t even come with steven as far as we know. also, there’s no way she’d survive in those temperatures.
    what if it is the cluster, but it’s shapeshifting to try and lure steven out of the drill?

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