• Fan Theory: What We Really Are

    With new episodes coming, there are of course plenty of fan theories! One fan has dissected the In Too Deep trailer, and gives some great theories about it below!

    Who we really are… WHO? WHO A RE YOU? The question has gotten the fandom going crazy. It almost guarantees a dark backstory. But what could bring up such a history? Plus, who even is the Cluster?
    Let’s break down the promo for some clues about who could tell this:

    Steven’s eyes seem to be glowing, as well as a pink hue, and possible stars in the back?

    Why would Steven eyes be glowing?
    He is most likely dreaming, or somehow communicating with someone. This someone could be Malachite, Rose, or the Cluster itself.

    If Malachite (and why I think it’s not):
    Steven would be communicating with Malachite to possibly warn her about the cluster. It would have to be in the beginning of Super Watermelon Island before the big battle. The pink glow could be something in his dream world, or maybe something outside and this is just after he wakes. He could be grasping at his shirt because Malachite scared him or told him something frightening. The something frightening could definitely be hinting towards the evil of the Crystal Gems.
    I don’t believe that this theory is correct because it’s not exciting enough and doesn’t fit into the story very well. Though the first episode is a 30 minute special, I don’t think the story would flow well enough to have a plot about Watermelons, Fusion fights, as well as whatever Steven goes through. The pink glow is never really answered and he looks to mortified.
    If Rose (and why I’m preetttyyy sure this isn’t the case):
    This means Steven somehow entered his gem or she appears in his dreams. This could be just afterhe begins to think differently of the Crystal Gems (maybe he was so distraught his gem felt he was wounded and he retreated?) and his mother either clarifies/interprets the information (like he shouldn’t be worried about the bad things he just learned), justifies the information (those bad things weren’t bad!), or owns the information (yeah, it was bad, and I’m sorry).
    This could also be when he learns who the Crystal Gems are. Long chat with mama Rose.
    If anything, I think his mother telling the backstory of the Crystal Gems is less likely than her talking about it, but I really don’t know. The only reason I don’t think he talks to Rose is because it may be confusing? But seriously, I don’t know.
    If the Cluster:
    If the cluster tHAT WOULD BE SO COOLLL. . Knowing Steven, he would want to talk with her. She will probably despise the Crystal Gems, but there is a chance of her being neutral or even liking the Crystal Gems (I will explain why further down). She may tell Steven how the Crystal Gems came to be, or maybe explain who she is.
    But who is she? 

    A single red/pink hand emerges from Lava

    There’s two things this could be: a new gem or the Cluster.
    Many think it’s Garnet, since she’s the only one that can survive lava, but there’s obviously something missing from her hand. Unless is Garnet, or some other new gem. She would either be coming to save Steven or coming to destroy him.
    But the shape of this hand intrigues me. Doesn’t it look familiar? 

    Square palm, long fingers. What if this was a Diamond? Looking at the color, what if it was Pink Diamond?
    What if the cluster was Pink Diamond and her followers all shattered as a price for starting the rebellion? 
    That means the cluster could have some recollection of who they used to be and could talk to Steven about it. She could most definitely answer the question of who the Crystal Gems are.


     I’m guessing Steven gets into his dream state and meets the Cluster for the first time. She is shattered bits of Pink Diamond and all of the gems that were once under her control. She knows the backstory of the Crystal Gems and is able to explain it to Steven from her perspective.

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