• Barn Mates and Hit the Diamond Episode Discussion #1

    So with the weird France release, BCB has decided to do the regular episode discussion in two parts. The airing of these episodes is not a leak at all, as the episodes are being officially released in another country by CN itself. So, if you want to watch the episodes and have a discussion now, here's the post to do so! Please keep all spoilers of these episodes out of other discussion topics. BCB will not be posting any spoiler fan art in the nightly Drawing Things Out, and will continue to use the spoiler tag on other posts. We will still be doing our regularly scheduled discussion posts on Thursdays for the US episode releases, as well as keeping the followups to the Friday after. Check below the break for links to the episodes as they pop up!

    Download Links:
    YouTube - Barn Mates
    DailyMotion - Barn Mates
    DailyMotion - Barn Mates/Hit the Diamond

    Past Episodes:

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