• French Website Reveals Synopsises for 'Hit the Diamond' and 'Barn Mates'

    A user by the name of Kevdu70 over on reddit came across two Steven Universe episode synopsises on a French TV schedule website. Check them out below! Very spoilery info!

    'Hit the Diamond'
    Steven and the Gems are amazed to see 5 Rubies , soldiers sent by Yellow Diamond , coming out of the tracking vessel . Garnet unfuse so that Ruby infiltrate the group and discovers their purpose , but she causes suspicions . To prevent them from searching the area and finding Peridot , Stevens propose a baseball match : If they win , they can search the barn , if they lose, they will leave forever.
    Team A :
    Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Sapphire and Lapis [Who is disguised as an human]
    Team B :
    The Rubies [And our Ruby who is infiltrating them]

    'Barn Mates'
    Peridot tries to convince Lapis that they could become friends. But she doesn't want to live with the one who forced her to go back on Earth . Steven helps Peridot to make her change her mind ...

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