• Nightly Discussion #339

    An anon asked for Lapis with Wendy’s outfit. This was fun to draw but her pose was so bad so I cut out the rest ¯\_(ᐛ )_/¯

    Ho hum. It's Monday; back to the old grind. I hope your week is off to a good start. If not, just remember that we have another Steven Universe episode on Thursday!

    So for the discussion, why not discuss how great Lapis looks in that hat? What other kinds of hats would you like to see Lapis wear? Or do you prefer her to be entirely hatless?

    Oh, speaking of wearing lots of hats, Emerald comes back tomorrow! Yup, site's back to normal tomorrow, folks! I'll be back to pre-reading fanfics.

    Which reminds me, send me your fanfics! If they're good, I'll put them on the site!