• Fan Theory: Growing Up With Ruby and Sapphire

    Humans grow and change all the time. Rose Quartz definitely found humans interesting, and it seems that with Steven around the house, the other gems might finally be understanding what Rose saw in them. But what must it be like for Ruby and Sapphire, to see Steven at intermittent points in his life? Experiencing Steven growing up as Garnet is a lot different than experiencing it as Ruby and Sapphire. Check out an interesting little theory, below!

    I wonder if Ruby and Sapphire ever think about Steven growing up when they're not fused. Like they defuse in Hit The Diamond and Steven hugs them both for the first time since Steven wasn't even old enough to remember. Suddenly they realise he's taller than them now. It's harder to notice when they're Garnet, towering over everyone, but suddenly their little Steven is growing up, and they remember when he was half their height.

    Twitter: Emerald