• Fan Theory: How Did Lapis know Ruby and Sapphire Were Flirting?

    A silly, but perhaps not inaccurate, theory about Lapis and Garnet.

    I was wondering how Lapis knew what Ruby and Sapphire flirting looks like and I came up with this scenario:

    Garnet: *alone at home*

    Garnet: *glances at Lapis mirror on the table*

    Garnet: *picks it up. stares at it blankly, and then smiles*

    Garnet: Why look at you, handsome?

    Garnet: Who, me? Surely you must be talking about somebody else.

    Garnet: Who else but the most gorgeous fusion on the planet?

    Garnet: *blushes* I am the lucky one, I’m talking to the most gorgeous fusion in the universe…

    Garnet: *blushes more and chuckles*

    Garnet: *proceeds to flirt with herself for hours*

    Lapis: *screams internally, screams eternally*

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