• Ruby and Sapphire episode takes on LGBT vibes, an early-life lesson on acceptance of wider sphere of sexuality

    If you're all caught up on Steven Universe, there can be no doubt in anyone's mind that Ruby and Sapphire are definitely a couple - a lesbian couple, to be exact. While their interactions in 'Jail Break' were dismissed by some as platonic or sisterly love, Lapis canonically described their interactions in 'Hit the Diamond' as "flirting". Just in case their relationship wasn't clear to all viewers the first time. While some countries have changed up the dialogue in that episode, the original English dub and the intent was for the two to have romantic interactions. Yet, the show acts like a homosexual relationship is no big deal - and why should it be? SU shows a normalcy that the LGBTQ+ community strives for, all over the world. Ruby and Sapphire's relationship is beautiful, and is a needed step in the right direction for modern media. Read more about what Sugar has to say on the matter, at the link!

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