• Steven Universe Themed 1st Birthday Party!

    SU fans are amazingly creative, and we've already featured a couple of awesome themed parties here on BCB! These two awesome twins got one of the coolest birthday parties, and you can check out the rest of the pictures below the break!

    The Crystal Gems are here to save this birthday party!

    What's a party without cake? And say, that's a great use for those cool funko figures!

    Nice! Pearl is totally a tea person!

    Ahhh yeah, something a little stronger is definitely befitting of Amethyst!

    But of course, the strongest of all is Garnet! 

    Radical party decor!

     Some close ups!

    Awesome party favors!

    Amethyst and Pearl inspired outfits for the birthday girls!

    The whole family! Celebrating SU style!

    Warp pad cakes! What a clever idea!

    What cuties!

    They destroyed the warp pads!

    We've always color-coded our identical daughters to purple for Margot and green for Ione, so it was natural for Margot to be dressed as inspired by Amethyst, and Ione by Pearl. They even got to smash Homeworld Warp Pads in the form of birthday cake! My husband is a hobbyist mixologist/bartender, so he was delighted at the task of coming up with drinks inspired by the Crystal Gems: Amethyst's Sangria, Pearl's Boba Tea, and cocktail for Garnet he named "Stronger Than You," which featured ~Ruby~ port and Bombay ~Sapphire~ gin. Not pictured: Greg and Rose's Mimosas.

    Thanks to Christin for all these awesome pictures!

    Twitter: Emerald