• Episode Followup: The New Lars

    Ah great, a Raven and Paul episode! Wait, their episodes flip flop from being really sweet and about the Beach City citizens, to the most scary episodes in the whole series. Which is this going to be?

    Interesting how Sadie only ever invites Lars over, isn’t it? I mean she did invite Steven over in ‘Sadie’s Song’, but is there anyone else in Beach City that she hangs out with besides those two? Why doesn’t Sadie have any other friends?

    Geez, when the heckie did Lars become MORE of a jerk?

    Steven ships it!

    There are some really great faces in this episode.

    Oh hey, Steven’s dream powers are back!

    LARS! What kind of magazine are you reading?

     I can’t believe Lars stole a stop sign. Nice detail though!

    “I better do my best to respect Lars’ body, and his privacy!”
    So… maybe get out of his body?

    “FFFFFFBDF that doesn’t spell anything!”
    Steven needs to go to school! Please Greg, buy him all the finest courses online.

    Aww, Laramie- I mean Lars'- parents are so nice!

    This is definitely a Steven-esque expression! 

    Emerald is tired. This post is going to be all weird faces. That’s the followup! 

    “Maybe Lars is actually a good guy who likes making people feel good!”
    Hmm, I wonder if this is foreshadowing into Lars' real self?

     Haha, I can just imagine Steven performing these dance moves. Really great how the Crewniverse incorporated the right amount of Steven into Lars’ character!

    Wait, are those gay werewolves?

     Sadie is tired of Lars' crap.

    Sadie is jumping this ship!

    “I just wanted to fix everything!”
    Just like Steven always tries to do!

    “YOU DON’T KNOW?!”
    “Maybe we should check?” 
    Steven... you got ahead of yourself again.

    “It’s Lars and Donut Girl!”
    What did I say earlier about Sadie not having any other friends in Beach City?

     Geez Sadie continues to be a total beast! She’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no man!

    “Our Lars, a burgler?”
    “Now now, you know we’ve been ready for this day.”
    Well, they took that well.

    There have been some really neat and expressive background this episode! 

    Steven really respected Lars’ privacy by staying in his body all day and messing with his family and friends!

    Remember that thing I said about the followup being all faces?

    Wowza's Raven and Paul really exaggeration expressions!

     “I said you loved her.”
    Hmm, surprisingly Lars didn’t deny what Steven had said and seemed curious as to Sadie’s reaction. Perhaps he does care after all?

    I think Lars was just trying to be a “cool kid” when we saw him earlier in the series. But perhaps that’s not the real Lars. Sure, he may be cynical and hate Beach City, but deep down I think he has the capacity to care a lot, and he probably lashes out due to internal insecurities. Some people find it really difficult to open up and show their true selves, and I think that’s a fear that Lars had - that people wouldn’t like the real him, or think the real him was weird. So he put on a mask, pretending not to care. But when Steven was nice while in Lars body, I think Lars learned that maybe being a good person doesn’t make people look down on him. In fact, it made him more likeable! I think Lars has learned a lot of lessons this episode, and I hope next time we see him that his character will be more positive and genuine.

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