• Fan Theory: Bismuth's Creation

    Ah yes, Bismuth. A persistent mystery in Steven Universe. Well, there is a doozy of a theory below the break, so I will let you get to reading it!

    As we know, Bismuth was a gem that Rose bubbled due to some apparent reason. What we don’t know is why that gem is bubbled, who that gem is, or what’s the gem’s backstory. After reading various sources and brainstorming, I have set up my theory.

    Firstly, let’s look at the actual object itself. Bismuth is a chemical metal that is formed in Earth or in a lab- but the reason why this is a theory is because Bismuth is not a gem, but a certain type of mineral or rock.

    This is where the Kindergarten comes to play.

    Many theories state that the Kindergarten was made to create gems- but why is it on Earth?

    Suppose Rose was trying to create gems on other planets like on Homeworld. If you think about it, Kindergartens on Homeworld may have bee allowed to create gems and were different than the ones on Earth because it wasn’t like the world they came from that produced gems. But the Kindergarten on Earth probably produced gems as well, but turned out different or being like Bismuth. Bismuth could have been created from the Kindergarten that was built by Rose.

    Because Bismuth is an Earth-based rock/mineral, she could have been born from the Kindergarten on Earth.

    Secondly, we know that gems resemble their physical form in a way. For instance, when Bismuth was seen attacking Lapis, multi-colored hair or dreadlocks are seen, which resembles the mineral Bismuth.

    How? Here’s another fact- Bismuth can appear in many colors.

    It could have been that Bismuth was Rose’s first creation and may have ended up being in the war with her, but soon became too violent and unpredictable which caused Rose to bubble Bismuth.

    Why would Rose do that? Her experiment had a flaw: Bismuth may have been created as a defected gem.

    Just like Amethyst.

    Earlier in the series, Jasper says that Amethyst is an “overcooked runt.” Later on, even Peridot says that Amethyst is a defect and should have been taller and stronger than Garnet. This could have been due to Amethyst being born in the Kindergarten, which is probably similar to Bismuth’s situation, who may have also been created in Earth’s Kindergarten.

    The process of the creation could have led to some defects- or could it be the location of the site?

    Amethyst is defective, and probably Bismuth as well, and both were made in the Kindergarten on Earth. That Kindergarten may have resulted in a failure because of the lack of perfection in its experiments. The machines and gems that thrived there may have abandoned the site-

    or Bismuth herself had caused the Kindergarten’s downfall.

    Maybe Bismuth went berserk and caused a major battle, possibly the deadliest battle the Homeworld Gems and the Crystal Gems had faced?

    “How could Bismuth go berserk,” you ask? One word:


    Bismuth was probably used as a weapon. Because the actual mineral is made of metal, suppose Bismuth’s skin was hard as metal. In addition to that, Bismuth was probably extremely strong- strong enough to poof a gem with her bare hands.

    Rose may have sent Bismuth to the front lines. However, being defective, Bismuth must have had a limit. Rose may have failed to notice the fact that her experiment was losing her self-control. We could say that maybe the Homeworld army located Earth’s Kindergarten and attacked, with Rose leading her army to battle, as well as releasing her “weapon.”

    We can conclude that the battle didn’t go well. Suppose Bismuth turned on both armies and began poofing and shattering gems, with both armies abandoning the Kindergarten. We don’t know that for sure, but we do know this: Rose bubbled Bismuth, and stored the mineral away in Lion’s mane.

    So there you have it. In conclusion, Bismuth may have been created in the Kindergarten, resulting in being defective. Her defected creation might have just caused two downfalls-

    The Kindergarten, and herself.

    TL;DR Since Earth is different from Homeworld, when Rose tried to create a new Gem in the kindergarten, a different species had formed (Bismuth is a mineral, not a Gem) Though Bismuth turned out to be a defect, further proven since Amethyst was as well and they’re from the same Kindergarten. Rose tried using Bismuth as a weapon in the war, but became super violent and destructive. Rose was forced to bubble Bismuth to keep herself/himself/theirself and others safe.

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