• Press Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

    The Geekiary did an awesome interview with the SU cast and crew! We put some highlights below the break, but be sure to check out the link for the full interview! It's super lengthy and very informative!

    Interview Highlights:
    • Deedee teased a song to which she sang backup to Patti Lupone as Yellow Diamond. Yellow Pearl, perhaps?
    • Ian Jones-Quartey is very excited for Uzo Aduba’s upcoming role as Bismuth. “She’s gonna be joining us in the fall as a new Crystal Gem, and it was super."
    • Ian hints that the Gems did not just affect the geography of the Earth, but the entire galaxy. “There might be huge, seismic things, on an inter-planetary scale, that are different between our universe and the world of the show. There’s a lot that’s gonna be explored with that coming up, and we’ll see how Gems as a race have shaped the actual Earth itself.
    • The Bismuth episode is the first half hour special for the show.
    • Michaela says when she and Deedee record episodes separately, they are always together in spirit.
    • Deedee said "Amethyst and Pearl have at times a very great relationship and sometimes it’s a little contentious and I think that’s rooted in the fact that they love each other so much."
    • 'Onion Friend' was one of Michaela's favorite episodes to voice.
    • Zach Callison commented on growing up along with Steven, "Even though he’s grown up a lot he still has that same child-like wonder in his voice sometimes, and the same love for his family and friends, and I think that’s so important for keeping Steven as Steven"
    • When asked about an ending for the show, Ian replied, "One thing I will tell you about the show, that a lot of people don’t know, there is a discreet timeline from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. There’s a timeline for all the things that happened before the story. And there’s a timeline for all the things that happen after the story. Those are all sort of written down. There’s definitely an ending. There’s ways to expand it and go further, but Rebecca is going to have her chance to tell her story the way she intends it to be told."
    Be sure to hit the link for even more fantastic SU content!

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