• Steven Universe: Illuminati Confirmed!

    Did you know that Cartoon Network is secretly apart of the Illuminati? Yeah, it's totally true! A storyboard artist and writer on Regular Show and Ben Levin from Steven Universe dish the details in a recent post! You can read all about it below!

    Anonymous asked:
    So what are the reasons shows have little triangles with eyes in them on a show? I'm not asking if it's the illuminati or some shit or why it's a big conspiracy, what's the reason? Is it a joke? I get Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls, but what's with the stuff on other cartoons in the background? I can get newer cartoons doing it maybe to tease conspiracy nuts, but that couldn't be the case back decades ago. Would you know? It's not storyboarding but it's still something I wonder if you can answer

    Owen Dennis:
    Most studio heads have illuminati connections. I mean I don’t normally talk about it cause I don’t fully understand it, but it’s like a gradient of illuminati connections from the top down. So Turner head executives are like full on illuminati, and then as you go down show creators are like the bottom most illuminati. However, show creators still have to make sure there’s illuminati references within their cartoons so that other studios know that this is an illuminati sanctioned cartoon. It’s kind of like how the animation union or SAG works, but with illuminati.

    So I usually have to include at least 2 triangle references in my episodes per season. I can include them wherever I want within the season, but I have to put them somewhere. This makes it so people at Disney/Dreamworks/Nickelodeon etc still know that Cartoon Network is on various plots or whatever. I don’t really know cause I’m not a show creator yet, but I know they need it in there for reference.

    I feel like @ben-levin might be able to help on this a little more as he’s worked on more shows than I have. I’ll see if I can get anyone else I know to chime in on this, but it’s not something most people wanna talk about, as I’m sure you can tell by how no one talks about it.

    Anyway, hope that helps!

    Ben Levin:
    This actually brings up a funny story.  So, for the first batch of Steven Universe episodes we didn’t include any secret Illuminati triangles.  We were just really excited about exploring Steven as a character and expanding the world of the Crystal Gems.  Then notes came down from above saying “the overlords are upset” and “how are we supposed to establish a New World Order if there aren’t hidden triangles in cartoons?!”

    So we introduced Peridot!

    We put her in a bunch of episodes and that more than made up for the deficit of Illuminati triangles from earlier episodes.  The cloaked figures in the bunker below the Earth were pleased.

    Before Steven Universe, I worked on a show for Cartoon Network called Level Up.  That was a tricky situation because the show was live action.  And if you didn’t know, live action television is controlled by the Freemasons.  But it was on a channel for cartoons, so that meant we had to include both Illuminati triangles and Freemason imagery (compasses, protractors or any tool for measuring stuff).

    Fortunately, it wasn’t too hard to manage.  The show was about high school kids, and the characters were at school half the time, so it was pretty easy to throw a ruler into a scene.

    Now, if you don’t work in the industry, you might think it sounds like a pain to have to include cryptic messages for these secret societies who control the world.  But for me, it’s a fun challenge.  Because sometimes restrictions can help you to find really creative solutions you never would have thought of before.

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