• Episode Followup: Back to the Moon

    Woo hoo! We're going back to the Moon Base! Maybe we'll learn about that weird white orb this time. Ah geez... Steven doesn't look so good in this promo though. There's still oxygen at the Moon Base, right?

    Oh look, the cutie patootie rubies are back!

    Yeah, you put those rubies in timeout, Lapis!

    It's really neat that the Crystal Gems (or more specifically, Garnet) let Steven take the lead as much as they can. "Steven's Way", as Garnet put it in 'Marble Madness'.

    Aww, look at Navy just chilling in her bubble!

    Leggy never knows what's going on.

    And Army is always angry!

    Oh Navy, so embarrassed! So adorable!

    Yes, Doc. Because of the glasses. Not because Steven didn't want to call her Chesty. Or Booby. Doc. Doc is good.

    Draw the squad like.

    They're back!

    Wow, it's Jasper! I can't believe it! And she's not even attacking the Crystal Gems or giving orders or anything. Wow! Definitely Jasper!

    Let Eyeball see Jasper! You're all in the way!

    Real smooth Amethyst. Almost as Smooth as Ruby in 'Hit the Diamond'.

    Screw the Earth! Homeworld forever! Destroy it all!

    Perfect plan. Nothing could go wrong.

    What a war hero! What a brave soldier! What a faker...

    Amethyst, you got yourself into this mess, now you have to stick with it.

    I cannot believe this! Amethyst smacked Pearl's butt in canon! This actually happened. She touched the butt!

    Amethyst, maybe don't ask if Lapis wants to be a prisoner again. Also, is Peridot defensive much?

    "I got yo numbah!" Wait wrong episode! And wrong character. Whoops.

    Geez Pearl tone down the theatrics.

    This is Jasper. Back to Jasper. And she's never going down at the hands of the likes of you because she's Jasper. And every part of her is saying "Go Jasper!"

    Nonononono Eyeball don't cry! If you cry I'll start crying! GIVE EYEBALL A GF RIGHT NOW CREWNIVERSE!

    This is a great Jasper expression. Nice going, Amethyst!

    Hey, weren't you ever taught not to shine your gem flashlight into others eyes!

    Woooaaahhh Pink Diamond! We finally get to see her mural. And she's... not Rose Quartz. Hmm. Alright.

    "I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the crystal gems -- Rose Quartz -- shatter Pink Diamond!"
    WHAT THE @#$%^&*$%^&@#$ IS SHE SERIOUS?!

    Whoops, looks like Steve-o wasn't supposed to find out this way.

    Remember that whole discussion you had with Bismuth about how you'd never shatter a gem and Rose wouldn't either and how Rose bubbled Bismuth because she wanted to shatter gems? Yeah so about all of that...

    Geez, Pearl seems really beat up about this. I mean she was probably there, but still. Is she okay? Does she know something she's not telling about this situation? Maybe that she was shapeshifted as Rose Quartz and she did it and that's why she doesn't shapeshift anymore? Brings new meaning to "Do It For Her", doesn't it?

    Oh yeah, Steven's with you guys, by the way. He just found out his mom shattered another gem. She actually killed somebody. So yeah, big day for the little man.

    Amethyst doesn't seem at all surprised, so seems like she knew.

    Amethyst your disguise!

    Oooooo Eyeball looks so happy! AAAHHHHHHHH!

    Pearl? Giving a high five? She's really been getting on Amethyst's level lately! Look out Amethyst, Pearl's going to become the fun mom!

    Nice dunking skills, PD!

    Boy, that Pink Diamond. She sure could slam.

    Oh no your cover is blown! You were so close!

    Oh no! Foiled again by those rotten Crystal Clods!


    Oh Mega-Ruby is mad now!

    Good thinking Steven! Time to blast those rubies into space!

    Heeeyyy, Sardonyx is back! Looks like Pearl and Garnet are officially on good terms again.

    Get outta here! Sardonyx is going to hit a home run right into space! Wait, that was relevant to the last time the rubies showed up, never mind!

    Wait no no no this wasn't in the plan!

    Well. That's it. That's the show. R.I.P. Steven Quartz-Universe, 2013-2016. We knew him well.

    It's too bad that nobody has like, a whip or shapeshifting powers, or anything they could use to pull him back or something. Well. There he goes. Bye Steven.

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