• Episode Followup: Crack the Whip

    This episode. This episode! I had to beg and bargain with Emerald to let me write this followup. We try our best to make these not just a screenshot of every second of the episode, but that was really hard this time. I love this episode and I hope you do too!

    This normally goes without saying, but if you haven't seen the episode yet, you're really going to want to do that before reading this post.

     Man. MAN. I'm still reeling from this one, folks. What a perfect episode! Every action and every line of dialogue is purpose-built to drive this story through in just 11 minutes. I can't wait to see what they do when they have a full 22 tomorrow!

    And if you couldn't tell from the title, it's an Amethyst episode! We haven't gotten a lot of those recently, but this one makes up for it with a big wallop of character development.

    And it's a Connie episode! Two Connie episodes back to back? This is the best week ever! And as a special bonus, we also get Lion!

    "We'll train next week without Jasper hanging over our heads." "Best case scenario..."
    Garnet probably meant that the best case scenario was Jasper being found. What I hope she was saying through is "Best case scenario, Jasper will be hanging over our heads." Y'know, in a bubble!

    I love how creative Amethyst is. She could've simply shape-shifted eyestalks, or an extending neck or something, but nope. Eye feet.

    This is the "Pearlmethyst" everyone keeps asking for, right?

    "My stance is all wrong and my grip is a little soft..."
    Connie, I told you time and time again, keep your stance wide and... ohhhh wait, I'm Amethyst. Never Mind.

    "How can you get ready when you don't even know what you're getting ready for, huh? Yeah. You can't be ready. What you gotta be is loose."
    And Amethyst should know! She's a great fighter, and very flexible in her strategy. Ask anyone around Beach City and they'll tell you. Amethyst is the loosest gem they know!

    "Hmm... like a burger"
    Guess Greg's song is sticking around for a while. Is Greg gonna get another royalties check?

     Ok can the Crystal Gems please stop stealing Lars' identity to mess with Sadie?

    Gosh, I love this whole montage. Amethyst is the best party boat captain ever. Look at these kids, having the time of their lives! And they're wearing glow bracelets!

    The ocean is flat. Amethyst must be powering that surfboard herself. She's made for fun!

    Look how much fun Connie's having! This is such a great contrast to Serious Connie from last episode. Amethyst brings out the fun in everyone!

    "We should spend more time with Amethyst. She's the best!" "You're the best!" "Nuh-uh, you're the best!"
    I'll settle this, you two. You're both the best! This episode is the best! it's been so cute and fun so far!

    Ohhhhh... fun time's over.

    Bye, Sour Cream! I guess he had to get up to check his email.

    "Uhhh... I remember you too, buddy!"
    Is that Connie winning best face of the episode over there? Maybe.

    Amethyst doesn't even skip a beat. From fun to action in the crack of a whip.

    This is what Amethyst was talking about. Whip too long to crush the monster you have wrapped up? Improvise! Wrap it around your arm!

    It's Jasper again! Call us Lapis Lazuli 'cause we be drowning in Jasper so far this week! what does that even mean rewrite this

    "Why don't you get a life!?" "Fighting is my life! It's what I was made for! It's what you were made for too, runt!"
    And now we get into the thematic stuff. Jasper is a fighting machine. It's all she knows. Amethyst can hold her own, but she's her own gem. She may have been built for fighting, but she lives as she wants. Homeworld doesn't understand the value of living over just fulfilling your "purpose."

    But unfortunately, Jasper does fulfill her purpose extremely well. Amethyst didn't stand a chance.

    "Rose said I'm perfect the way I am."
    This is why Rose Quartz had to rebel against almost her entire species. She fought for the right for "imperfect" gems to exist, because she alone saw their value.

    "You could've been me! And what are you instead? Just a joke." 
    So does anybody still want to see Jasper redeemed? Anybody? She's the personification of everything wrong about Homeworld.

    This shot, man. This shot. Amethyst's gem floating all alone, vulnerable... then Jasper's big hand comes to dash any ounce of hope you had left.

    Jasper! Jasper, no! (RIP headphone users) Amethyst is about to be shattered! Someone do something!

    Oh my stars! YES!


    Or at least they're going to save Amethyst!

    "I don't wanna hear anything you say... unless it's 'sorry.'"
    This line gives me chills. Stevonnie is just as amazing in a crisis as we all hoped they'd be! The power, enthusiasm and bravado of Steven mixed with the intelligence, wit and dexterity of Connie multiplied by a million!

    Wham! Jasper could bat Steven's shield away like it was nothing in Alone at Sea, but when Stevonnie's behind it, it's as solid as a rock. And Jasper, it's stronger than you.

    No way! You mean to tell me we get Stevonnie's first battle and Stevonnie rides Lion in the SAME EPISODE!?

    Man, Lion's always been great, but look at him in this episode. He and Steven and Connie have always worked together well, but this is just a whole other level. I can't wait for the next Lion episode where we finally learn more about him!

    Ouch! Poor Lion! And Stevonnie bounded off of him like he was Yoshi! All those Nintendo games must be paying off, Steven!

    And then they overhead-death-strike'd Jasper so hard, they put her back in the ground. Through her steed.

    Amethyst's back! I like her new outfit, but it does look a bit ragged. Poor dear.

    Now it's Amethyst's turn to look upon Steven's fusion in awe. But it's not just awe. Poor Amethyst has always been used to being sort of an older sister to Steven and having him rely on her (and the others) to protect him. Now here's Stevonnie handily defeating Jasper, an enemy Amethyst couldn't even touch. She may act like it's not, but her status as a fighter is clearly important to her... and her self-worth took a giant hit today.

    "Are you ready to apologize?"
    You'd better be sorry, Jasper. Come back here again and Stevonnie will make you sorry.

    And just like that, she's gone again. Again and again. Next time stick around, Jasper! We'll see how well Jaspers get what they want from inside a bubble!

    "You didn't need me at all."
    Gaah, this emotional whiplash! Amethyst, they did need you! They just said that they managed to fight only because of what you taught them all day today! But she doesn't realize that. She thinks she's useless after being Jasper's punching bag. Amethyst, please don't lose heart!

    Tune in later today for Steven vs Amethyst. Man that title does not inspire confidence. Stay good, Amethyst!