• Episode Followup: Kindergarten Kid

    Oh boy oh boy, Raven and Paul again! And what an ominous title card. Looks like we're in for a super serious episode!

     Ah yes, what a great start! Fighting corrupted gem monsters in the Beta Kindergarten! This bodes well.

    Come on Garnet! You took on Jasper and you can't take on one little corrupted gem?

    And that's what you missed while they were in the cave for all of 2 seconds!

    "She's all alone out there, with no idea what she's doing."
    Aww, Steven was talking about the corrupted gem! That's so sweet!

    "We're going to outsmart it!"

    Oh are you?

    Well, you're doing great at outsmarting it so far, Hey wait a second... this scene looks familiar...

    Good golly, looks like we're in for some wacky cartoon antics! Meep meep! Or should I say Meep Morp?

    "If I use my metal powers, the whole thing will fall onto the monster!"
    That's... actually not a bad plan!

    ...if your powers were a little stronger, Peri.

    Peridot, take a lesson from someone else who tried to catch a fast creature.

    You just can't win!

    Wow, a pile of rocks and an injector falls on her and she still didn't poof? Impressive. Or just a plot device to carry on the Roadrunner vs. Wile E. Coyote joke.

    Alright, new Peri-plan! What could possibly go wrong?

    Well, literally anything and everything could go wrong in this comedy of errors!

    At least Peri didn't come out looking like this. Yeesh.

    Alright, she definitely has to be poofed now!

    No?! Not looking so great, but still kicking.

    "I'm doing the best I can, Steven!"
    Yeah, catching the Roadrunner corrupted gem is tough!


    You got played.

    Well, looks like they made it out of there ok-

    The multitude of dramatic faces that Raven and Paul always bring is perfect for this type of episode!

    She's fine, really.

    Maybe not?

    Look at this adorable gem! So excited about her newest Peri-plan! Her excitement is causing her hair to grow three sizes that day! Wait that's a Chuck Jones reference.

    "I'm smarter than your average Peridot."

    What's this? A Hanna-Barbera reference in a Warner Bros. inspired episode?

    "Well, she must be doing something right. She hasn't fallen for any of your Peri-plans."
    Way to rub it in, Steven.

    Alright Peri, just take a breather. Come up with another hilarious Peri-plan!

    Steven! Don't hit Peri with confectionery puff rocks!

    That's not how you play Chubby Bunny, Steven.

    Ooooooh the green bean is mad!

    She scream.

    Peridot evolved into carousel!

    Big smile!

    "You remember what it was like to have everything important taken away? Being under attack? Feeling trapped? You were frustrated. So is she! Why don't you try thinking about all of this from her point of view?"
    There goes Steven, always laying down the hard truths!

    Here we see the green bean, carefully stacking her prey.

    She issues a challenge!

    No wait... She imitates its movements in order to lull it into a false sense of security.

    They begin an intricate dance to demonstrate their mutual trust. (Source)

    They have a Pokemon battle?

    And then the little green bean goes in for the kill.


    Hey, it wouldn't be a Wile E. Coyote reference without the classic death scene.

    Here lies Peridot. And a uh... weird frog? Wait, which for is which again?

    And how come this hole was right next to it?

    Woah wait, she did it!

    Of course the gems wouldn't just leave Steven and Peridot alone in the desert. Not because they were worried or anything, but just because it was going to be funny. Yeah.

    Aww, baby's first bubble!

    This proves that Peridot really feels at home on Earth! No more ties to Homeworld. Wait is Lapis reading Amethyst's manga?

    Now the barn is going to be full of even more stuff! I wonder if Lapis will ever bubble a gem?

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