• Happy Birthday Raven Molisee!

    Yo yo yiggity yo, guess what? It is Raven Molisee's birthday! Have you ever watched a Steven Universe episode that made you think, "WOW, this show is really for kids?!" Well, chances are that Raven had a hand in it! She's worked on 26 episodes in the series so far - woah, that's a whole seasons worth! Since her last birthday, she's added Nightmare Hospital, Sadie's Song, Message Received, Gem Drill, The New Lars, Monster Reunion, Crack the Whip, Earthlings, and Kindergarten Kid to the list of episodes she's written/storyboarded. Now go on and wish her a happy birthday on her Tumblr! Let her know how much you love all of her episodes. (Oh, and if you're wondering what to get her, she loves Sadie and Lars, so maybe art of either or both of them!)

    Twitter: Emerald