• How To Make Garnet’s Bombe Alaska

    Does that dessert not look fantastic and delicious? How would you like to make your own? Pretty Cake Machine has a full recipe for how to make your own, from scratch (including your own ice cream!)

    I wanted to fuse the flavors and hot-and-cold elements of Ruby and Sapphire’s desserts while still making something distinctly Garnet. I ended up taking various components from each of their desserts and combining them into a bombe alaska, which is a meringue-covered ice cream dish much like baked Alaska. The only difference is that it’s flambéed instead of baked.

    The overall appearance is made to resemble her gauntlets, but when you cut it open you’ll see a liquid strawberry sauce to represent Ruby and the ice cream with blueberry cake to represent Sapphire.
    Look at how beautiful that is! You can get the full recipe at the source below! Make your next party or birthday extra awesome with this awesome looking dessert!

    Recipe: (Steven Universe Series, Fusions Pt. 1) Garnet’s Bombe Alaska

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