• Peridot Fan Zine!

    This awesome fanzine featuring the great and lovable Peridot is now available for pre-order!  Check out the information under the cut to know more about this super cool project by the community. 

    To start, I have an interview with the organizer of the event.

    "First off, the initial idea to create the Zine snuck up on me rather suddenly one morning, at the simple question "What if one was entirely dedicated to my favorite Gem, Peridot?". I've followed and purchased two Steven Universe themed Zines in the past year, and had always thought that a project that accumulated art from one of my favorite shows, and brought talented people together, was something super cool, and nothing I'd ever seen before!  I've been a fan of Peridot since Marble Madness and am personally delighted with how she's undergone her own personal growth and has become more or less than a centrifugal part of the show. With this Zine, I hope to highlight her journey, from ominous triangle, to angry little slice of pie! I've been working on this project since late July- Early August, and pre-orders have been open for less than two weeks. I couldn't be more ecstatic for this project to come to fruition, and have little doubt that we'll meet our pre-order goal! As far as plans for the future go, if Log Date Zine is successful, I'd love to potentially put together a Zine dedicated to Lapis, or maybe even Pearl. I think I really like the idea of Zine's not only being a conglomerate of pieces that not only highlight artistic talent but highlights characters constantly growing and changing, well, character as well! Steven Universe is a show that exudes growth, overcoming challenges, and learning about who you are, what you're capable of, and I think that's something very special. Plus, it's a Zine filled with Peridot, what more could you want? "    - Cake

    As you can see, a lot of hard work and love went into making this zine.  Let's show our support to this project like we have past zines!

    For more information about this zine, click here.
    To pre-order this zine, click here.