• Rebecca Sugar Talks LGBT Themes and Season 3

    Lesbians? In OUR cartoon?! It's more likely than you think! Oh wait a minute, that's not subtle or a secret at all. As we all know, many of the cast and crew are apart of the LGBTQ+ community, aiding in the shows wide range of diverse characters and sometimes "mature" themes. SU does not shy away from serious issues like consent and relationship struggles, things that a lot of other children's programming glosses over or skips entirely. Kids often deal with things like divorce, homophobia, abuse, and a lot of other stuff that adults go through as well.

    Kids often don't have any answers for why these things happen or how to deal with them, as adults tend to give the vague answer of "you'll understand when you're older." Kids are intelligent, smart enough to know what's going on in the world around them, smart enough to understand their own feelings, if only someone would take the time to actually talk to and listen to them. Steven Universe is doing it's best to help children understand things that their parents and other adults around them don't believe they can handle. And it's also showing adults in the same boat who were never taught how to deal with serious issues, how to handle those situations.

    TheWrap has an awesome interview with Rebecca Sugar that expands on the episodes in Season 3, explaining the motivations of some characters and going further in depth on some scenes. We get a deeper look at the world of Steven Universe, straight from the creator herself.