• Episode Followup: Future Boy Zoltron

    This episode was really great in how it showed that the future can change for the better as long as you are willing to try.

    No alphabetizing condiments?  What kind of father is Mr. Fryman?!

    I'm no video game designer, but I would think that setting a multi-thousand dollar machine like that outside isn't the best idea. 

    Wait, if Greg is rich now, then why hasn't he just gotten Steven the "kazoo that he's always wanted"?

    Ha, Mr. Smiley's got jokes!

    Jokes that Steven doesn't understand, that is.

    Hm, what kind of comedy club were you working in, Mr. Smiley?

    Oh, Steven.  You're too strong for your own good.  But don't worry, we still love you.

    So, first he's a Human/Gem hybrid.  Now he's a robot?  What will you give us next, Mr. Universe?

    It's the Doughnut Duo!  I love seeing these two.

    Lars doesn't seem to like the new and improved Steven very much.

    Now Steven, don't you think that saying the names of your customers is a bit out of character?

    Does this make Steven an accomplice?  He did give him a tip...

    Who doesn't love these three?  

    Steven always knows how to make the best of a bad situation.

    Aw, it's great to see these guys get along so well.

    Steven wants to give out happiness and Mr. Smilet wants money.  This is the perfect arrangement!

    A new character?  I wonder how Steven will react to someone he doesn't know.

    This customer may be a bit more difficult.

    Scratch that.  A lot more difficult.

    Garnet to the rescue! 

    Come on, Steven.  That's the second time you broke character.  

    Suitcase Sam!  What's in that case?  Why does he have an eyepatch?  So many questions!

    It seems that Frowny's depression is contagious.  

    I'm starting to get the impression that Smiley and Frowny were more than just co-workers.

    I hate it when Steven is upset.  I hope that he finds a way to resolve things with Smiley and Frowny. 

    How adorable!  It's a shy little robot from the future. 

    Man, Mr. Smiley sure is strong.  I'm curious about the rest of their act.

    Yeah, definitely questioning their "work" relationship.

    Apparently, child labor is a thing again.  Well, at least Steven isn't just any old human.

    This was a great little episode. We got a new character, Steven got a new outfit, and everything ended happily ever after.  We all know what that means, though.  Something big is coming soon and it won't be so happy.