• Fan Theory: How Gems Take Damage

    We've seen some gems take lots of damage in battle, while others seem to scrappy and more prone to poofing. Are some gems just made tougher than others? Or is there a method to the madness that is gem stamina?

    Not trying to be nitpicky. I loved the episode. But, she can survive this…


    And this…


    But getting lightly squeezed around the midsection causes…


    I mean…yeah.
    Dude have you seen Garnet fighting? 


    She is clearly more dangerous than a bunch of rocks

    But isn’t garnet just…. A bunch of rocks?

    Maybe since peridots aren’t made for combat they’re designed to poof faster if they’re being attacked by another gem in the hopes that their gems will be left alone. They don’t poof very easily when taking damage from non-gem sources because its assumed support will be there in a minute or two to help them out during construction projects/kindergarten related tasks. 

    Makes sense! They’re engineers so they’re expected to take a few hard knocks. Susceptibility to gem weaponry might be intended to prevent rebellion of the technical caste. 
    Actually… have we seen a gem ever be poofed by something that wasn’t by the direct action of another gem?

    Amethyst falls off a cliff and only scratches her gem, but gets poofed by jasper’s attack, i think it was a kick or a headbutt? actually, if you think about gems who have taken the most direct damage from other gems, pearl wins so far. she got kicked around like a sportsball by Sugillite, one of the very strongest gem fusions, and didn’t poof. 

    Perhaps if technician gems like Peridot are meant to buckle quickly in combat situations, pearls are meant to hold up under whatever physical abuse their much, much larger superiors dish out. i don’t think a diamond or high-ranking quartz would be pleased with a toy that snaps the first time they smack it, and doesn’t regenerate for weeks.  
    Imagine younger pearl realizing that how much abuse she was built to take could actually be a huge asset in battle, and let her face down gems ten times her size. Imagine frustrated quartzes realizing this too

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