• Story: Reminder

    [Dark] [Shipping]

    Author: Kezi
    Description: “Oh.” Amethyst sounds subdued, as though treading on thin ice. It isn't subtle, the way she snuggles closer. "Do you regret it? Following Rose?" Pearl sighs and glances down at her. Dark blue eyes lower, finding better interest in staring at her lap. Tentatively, she brings her lips to the corner of Amethyst's mouth, a gesture that startles even herself, and the werewolf makes a short, gravelly noise low in her throat that Pearl notes as surprise. If she were even alive enough to blush, she definitely would be. "How could I?" She responds instead, running her fingers fondly across the other woman's jawline. "I got to meet Garnetstien . . . and you."

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Lauren Zuke's Halloween