• Cartoon Network Halloween Costume Contest Results

    Hey all! It's Little Ursa here with the results of the Cartoon Network Halloween Costume Contest results! Every year, Cartoon Network has done a neat contest with fan's Halloween costumes and it's always great to see the number of costumes! In fact, me and a number of my friends always enter. You can see plenty of great cosplays on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr by looking at the hashtag #CNHalloweenContest. Well, yesterday Cartoon Network announced the winners and they are right below after the break!

    First, we have the winners of the Over The Garden Wall variety. The winners are @s.g.p and @alchemic_rose on Instagram.

    They look great, it's a rock fact!

    Next, we have the Adventure Time winners. These winners include @breezy_f, @ohdianeq, and @redrobyncosplay on Instagram.

    BMO kinda wins forever in my book.

    And lastly, we have the Steven Universe winners! First we have second place with @matchachalatte with her Pearl!

    And finally, the family of @nicubabies on Instagram won first place with their family cosplay!

    I've never seen a Jasper cosplayer with a helmet before, and I am so happy this is the first time.

    Be sure to check the other cosplays out there with the hashtag of #CNHalloweenContest! There are plenty of amazing cosplays and amazing works out there!