• Fan Theory: So What Kind of Flower is That?

    A mysterious flower appears in a preview image for an upcoming episode and it ignites some fan theories. I guess it doesn't take much!

    Ok THIS is important!
    You see that flower? Jasper has the same flower on her suit in a drawing made by the Crewniverse some time ago.
    That flower is called a hollyhock.
    Hollyhocks symbolize four things: ambition, fertility, rebirth, and healing.
    Jasper will return. We just have to wait for her a little longer.
    Now onto the picture with Jasper and Peridot. Now this picture could easily be fake do to Jasper’s corrupted form being much bigger than that. She should be the same size of the van, if not bigger. That’s what originally led me to believe that this was fake.
    But then I remembered Centipeedle.
    When she had reformed for the first time, she was much smaller than she was before. So maybe (just maybe) this is a result of her being reformed.

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