• Episode Followup: Change Your Mind Part 2

    Onto part 2! Can you imagine if this was aired over 4 weeks instead?

    Right, this is where we left off. Mhmm.

    It is a lot to take in.

    Guessing they weren't expecting to get caught so soon.

    It really is a giant mech. Guess those theories were right too. Although that seemed pretty obvious once they found the legs, I suppose.

    Yeesh could you open your mouth wider?

    Oh hm don't like that!

    Everything has gotten just slightly out of control and this sensitive boy cannot handle it!

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's-


    Take some of this!

    And a little bit of this!

    I guess you weren't expecting this!

    Come on you were just trying to break Steven out, don't bail by throwing the blame elsewhere!

    Well, they needed those legs to go back to Earth but I guess it's a little late for that now.


    Now we're back in Bismuth!

    IT'S THEM!


    And Lapis finally put on some shoes.

    Sick Gurren Lagann reference.

    Look at Bismuth being all affectionate!

    She likes to be tall.

    What did they even salvage for repairs that was able to survive a journey through space?

    Could she be any more of an adorable green bean?

    Oh right, there's still that issue.


    Okay, going for the talking tactic again.

    Even Blue Diamond laughed at the "give me a hand" pun.

    Quick, somebody find me the Anime this shot was almost certainly inspired by.


    And a face grab!

    And a-

    Was that supposed to happen?

    I guess that's the end goal?

    Who's controlling this thing?

    Aww look at his encouraging smile.

    Don't chicken out now!

    Steven has your back!

    Interesting to see Yellow become so humbled during this episode. We also get to see how deep her fear of White goes.

    We're in this together!

    "My purpose isn't to be happy."
    Blue Diamond laying it all out for everyone exactly what the problem with Homeworld is.

    White's been quiet for awhile. Is she still in there-

    OH NO!

    Is she going to poof them?

    Oh heck it's worse than that!

    Oh man oh man oh man oh man!

    Yeah that's the mood.


    Accurate reaction, Steven.

    Look at all these guys working together!

    This situation is probably not going how everyone expected.

    Okay definitely not how anyone expected.

    This is kind of a long fall, isn't it?

    I'm going to take a moment to appreciate the awesome background coloring.

    Surf's up, Steven!

    Someone come and protect this very emotional and probably slightly traumatized boy!

    What is happening?

    Yeah that'll work!

    Not flying, just falling with style.

    Smoky Quartz could not get any more adorable!

    Amethyst has a new outfit!

    Owlmethyst returns!

    Graceful, even in death defying situations.

    WHAT! WHAT! But that means-


    I guess all those theories about RQ2.0 wielding an umbrella were correct!

    And it makes a rainbow!

    "Two stones with one bird!"

    Same, Amethyst.

    Pretty snazzy jacket there Pearl.

    Still the same old mom Pearl in there.


    He called her Garnet! He's going for both at once! 

    Nice shot of everyone together!

    He's doing it! It's a Garnet and Steven fusion! We've never even seen a Rose and Garnet fusion!

     WHAT! WHAT! TWO new fusions?!?!?! AND the reappearance of Smoky?

    I guess that's it until tomorrow!

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