• Fan Theory: Ruby Caused Steven Universe

    Ruby couldn't have known that Sapphire predicted the rebels would be captured if she was destroyed. As a soldier, she was supposed to follow orders. Her orders were to protect Sapphire, and that's exactly what she did. Do you think Ruby inadvertently caused the entire plot of Steven Universe to unfold? Check out the theory after the break and see what you think!

    When Sapphire was describing the future to Blue Diamond, she says “Immediately after my form is destroyed, the rebels will be captured. The Rebellion ends here.” But as we know, Rose and Pearl escape because Ruby shoved Sapphire out of the way and accidentally became Garnet. So if Ruby hadn’t have done that, the two rebels would’ve been captured.

    And Sapphire had never tried to change any of the events that she saw in her visions, so she wasn’t gonna move anytime soon. Instead, it was Ruby’s unpredictable behavior that gave Rose and Pearl an opportunity to escape, thus keeping the rebellion alive and well. 

    Think about it. With no rebellion, the Gems would’ve continued with colonizing the Earth, which would mean that both humanity and the planet itself would’ve died out, which means no Connie, no Greg and most importantly, no Steven! And that would also means no mix-gem fusions such as Sardonyx or Opal. And because there would be no Steven, there would’ve been no one to free Lapis, no Peridot check in on Earth and be a frenemy to the Crystal Gems, no Stevonnie, no… anything.

    But because Ruby and Sapphire fused, because of the birth of Garnet and because of Ruby in general, the entire planet was saved and every event that happened in Steven Universe was because of her.

    Theory sent in to us by JAC!

    Twitter: Emerald