• Story: First Snow

    My completed comic project I for my computer graphics class, all done in Photoshop! The assignment was a 6 panel comic and cover with a simple story (and at least 2 humanoid characters), without text. So naturally I did something incorporating my 2 favorite gems ;y

    Author: alixiecivet
    Description: Inspired by tumblr user Quettzal's adorable comic, First Snow. Peridot was spooked when her relationship with Pearl started to get a little more serious. Lapis wants her to quit hanging around and talk to Pearl. Pearl gifts the small gem with a new set of limb enhancers, and though ecstatic at first, Peridot questions Pearl's intentions.
    There's a ridiculous snowball fight, and at some point Pearl is trying to get to tell her first snow memory to Peridot, whose opinion about the white stuff isn't very high.
    A two part piece.
    First Snow