• ‘Leaked’ SU episodes weren’t leaked at all, CN says

    What if we were to tell you that the supposed leaked Steven bomb 5 released on the official Cartoon Network app was not actually a leak at all? Well, Polygon claims they spoke to a representative of the network (but apparently not one of the Crewniverse) who said the early release of the episodes for less than 24 hours was intentional. It's apparently a special feature of the application, which they've done for other shows but nobody has made such a big deal out of. So what gives? Is CN just covering their tracks? Or is this unnamed rep telling the truth? Either way, somebody should have informed the Crewniverse (their recent tweets suggest they were just as surprised as fans). You can read the article and decide for yourself.

    ‘Leaked’ Steven Universe episodes weren’t leaked at all, Cartoon Network says

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