• Episode Followup: Gem Heist

    The first two episodes of this bomb were packed with plot-heavy goodness, so I'm expecting nothing less from something with the word "heist" in it.  

    Oh man, what is this pink monstrosity?  I don't like the looks of the crew going into something like this.

    Okay, lots of good stuff going on here.  Not only is this place incredibly reminiscent of Pink Diamond, but it looks like we have two somewhat familiar faces in the distance.

    Pearl definitely seems to be a bit more nervous than everyone else.  I wonder how our little Steven will solve this...

    "Estabon Universidad"
    Thanks, Steven, you really know how to calm things down, don'tcha?

    Pearl is not impressed with the way you are handling such an important situation, Steven.

    We have our two small moms who make square mom, but Sapphire seems pretty freaked out.  I wonder if this has anything to do with how her former Diamond kidnapped, or should I say dadnapped, Greg?

    Estabon: Sapphire's offering to the Human Zoo.  How charming.

    Sapphire seems rather confident in her plan to bust Greg out, but Ruby seems a little worse for wear.

    Alright, let's see what we've got here.  Cool, calm, and collected Sapphire?  Check.  Determined Pearl?  Check.  Fierce offering?  Check.  Small stack of an escort?  Check.  Ame-...hm.  Something doesn't seem right here...

    Whoa, look at these two.  They're like our Ame, just...huge.  They certainly don't seem too impressed with our bunch of Earthlings, that's for sure.

    Dearest me, the burly guard is going to shoot our tiny hero into the vacuum of space!  For a second time in this show!

    Well well, what is this?  Yet another new Gem?  Yes please.

    Hm, she certainly doesn't seem like the nicest stone in the park, does she?

    The fact that two massive Quartz soldiers are scared of this one Gem should give you somewhat of an idea of her character.

    Huh, would ya look at that?  She really is a big fat meanie.

    It looks like our Pearl has forgotten how to act like a Pearl.  How about that?

    Here we have yet another example of how Steven does everything he can to keep the situation nice and calm.

    Whoops, did I say make things calm?  I meant freak out like everyone else.

    This, ladies and gemtlemen, is how our group acts when First Class Hacker Pearl isn't able to open the door herself.

    "Whaaaaat?  We have no idea how these burn marks and scratches got here.  Totally innocent, heh."  

    I wonder how many Amethysts are in this facility, and why they don't band together to escape this abusive Agate.  It's not that far-fetched of an idea.  They are warriors, after all.

    These Gems seem all too happy to be throwing a little boy into a zoo.  Let's just hope this is actually the way to the zoo and not the disposal chute.

    Well now, don't these look familiar?  I wonder why they're here.

    What a flattering photo.  At least that's all the fingers needed to do,...right?

    Nope, apparently not.  It's just test, after test, after test.  Steven really seems to be enjoying the admission process so far.  Whatever could be next?

    Well...alright.  I guess he won't be needing that shirt.

    ...or pants.  I swear, what is with this boy and stripping?  Is there something we should know about?

    I have to say, he sure is determined to get to his father at any cost.  Who wouldn't be?  Greg is the best dad ever!

    This place really has it out for Steven.  First they do a bunch of tests, then steal his clothes, and now it looks like he's going to be crushed.

    Oh, well he wasn't crushed, that's good, but loincloths?

    Not only that, but now he has earrings.  I know he doesn't have a choice, but...

    You can't help but feel bad for Steven here.  He's a fourteen-year-old boy, dressed in loincloths, now underwater and being sucked through a tube.

    It seems as though he is now in The Zoo.  I wonder what it looks like.

    Oh, that's how it looks.  I can't wait to see how things escalate in the next episode.  

    Until then, I hope you guys have a great day!