• Episode Followup: That Will Be All

    Well, it's the end of the Steven Bomb. Huh, pretty fitting title. Oh. Oh no. Sugar worked on this one. Ho boy. That means it's a good one. And probably a heartbreaking one. Hooo boy.

    We spend four episodes trying to rescue Greg and then the soldiers take him AND Steven. Great!

    Wow, look at all those amethysts!

    And other guys!

    That's it. They're dead. They made it all this way for nothing!

    What?! Jokes?! Pranks?!

    Aww, Amethyst found more amethysts!

    So many new friends!

    Oooooh they're Kindergarten gems!

    They're all so nice!

    Another great Amethyst face courtesy of the amazing animators!

    Wait, is that still Jasper's VA?!

    NEW: From Homeworld

    Wowee, even another shorty? Oh, and the introduction of a new gem, Carnelian!

    Me too guys. I would have figured all the other Betas were killed in the war!

    So many new gems! I can't wait to learn more about them? Wait what? What do you mean this is the last episode of the bomb?!

    This escape is going well.

    WHHHAAATTTTTT?!?!?! So the fan theories were right, Steven COULD meet another rose quartz...

    Woah, okay, that's a lot of rose quartz gems! Pretty sure this would be more holes than we've ever seen in the Kindergarten. I wonder where all these RQ's came from.

    Is that a Diamond sized couch?

    What? She's crying? Showing empathy? But she was so... cold... previously.

    Apparently Greg and Steven cannot get a break when trying to escape.

    Just let her grieve, Yellow!

    Steven, are you okay? Did that trip through space still not quite wear off?

    *AHEM* You know, Blue Diamond seems to be a lot more lax with her Pearl than Yellow Diamond is with hers.

    Waaaiiittt that's the corruption song?!

    Yoooo Yellow D laying it down in the vocal department!

    Next on Steven Universe: Greg's Harem.

    See, what did I say? BP is just so relaxed, YP is a standing at attention and ready.

    Daaannnggg, so this was the duet Deedee was talking about!

    Dang, that's one talented voice actress! Playing the both of them!

    Singing with herself!

    Dancing with herself- Wait no, this is animated.

    Dude she just commanded all those bubbles gems???

    Greg Universe found dead in Miami.

    We're always thinking of her? Guess YD is not as uncaring towards PD as she seemed.

    Not looking so hot YD. You feeling okay?

    Looks like Yellow Diamond was more beat up over Pink Diamond's shattering than she let on.

    Telling Blue D to get over it didn't turn out so well, huh?

    Oh man. It's Blue Diamond. The Diamond that ordered Ruby to be shattered on the spot. Oh boy.

    Just let her grieve, Holly Blue!

    Best animated face of the episode goes to... THIS ONE!

    Oh hold up no THIS ONE, this one is the best one.

    A new challenger enters! Alright folks, we're going to have to put it to a vote! Favorite episode face of these three?

    Well, if they weren't dead before, their cover's blown now!

    That's it. Done. Over. Bye bye Earth! Guess Lapis and Peridot are the Crystal Gems now!

    What's this? Gay power?

    The powerful Diamonds bought that?!

    Just act natural, Ruby. Even though you just faced down the gem that was about to destroy you 5,000 years ago and helped your gem gf lie to her face! No big deal!

    Everybody just acting nice and natural!

    Holly Blue has some really great faces, truly.

    Nothing weird going on here!

    Nope! Everybody playing their proper roles! Doing their proper Homeworld duties!



    Hey don't worry about what's going on here it's really nothing. Sapphire foresaw something something.

    Wouldn't be a followup without a couple of memes! (Source)

    Wooaaahhhh that's a cool weapon! Electricity powers!

    Too bad that's no match for...

    ...two lesbians in a trenchcoat!

    These guys are so good at staying at their posts and doing their jobs.

    I think Amethyst just taught the Famethyst a new trick!

    I don't have a good comment, I just wanted to show off another HB face.

    One more. Just one more for the road!

    "Famethyst for life!" Ooooohhh let them be Crystal Gems!

    Pearl is tired of your crap, HB.


    Just how many hand ships are there? And does the hand detach, since Peridot's didn't have an arm? Do these arms attach to a huge ship that has a full body?!

    THIRD craziest weekend? Geez, Burning Man was really that good?

    That Will Be All, folks!

    Check out that voice list! Talented peeps right there!

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