• Episode Followup: Tiger Philanthropist

    this is IT. the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for. STEVEN UNIVERSE in his FINAL FORM!!! remember when greg had to work at a zoo because he was broke? well it turns out STEVEN took all of gregs money...

    Now where could my cash be? Tiger Philanthropist! Our favorite orange cat-themed wrestler took it! Tiger Millionaire is one of my favorite episodes of Steven Universe. Let's see what its sequel brings after the break.

    How broke is Beach City that they can't afford to repair or tear down this warehouse? This thing is like the town event hall now, and Mayor Dewey knows it's crumbling because he stores his campaign stuff here!

    Well, ok, I guess it is a really nice view.

    Steven's a ghost! Time to break out those ridiculous "Steven died during Bubbled" head-canons again.

    WOH-PAH! Yikes, that guy's head twisted completely around! That's a broken neck.

    Crowd shot! How many do you recognize? I think we've seen the woman on the phone, the guy with the backwards cap, and the guy with the spiky hair before. Oh, and the guy in the blue cap and the woman with the ponytail were at Sour Cream's gig. The bald guy with the ripped sleeves was there too.

    "Ahhhh... got my Saturday nights back!"
    Gotta admit, freeing up your schedule is one of the best feelings in life.

    See Also: This fandom after Rocknaldo aired. 

    "You and your theory. Steven's not Tiger! Tiger's ripped and like seven feet tall!"
    Lars might be idealizing a bit. Or is it... π’»π‘œπ“‡π‘’π“ˆπ’½π’Άπ’Ήπ‘œπ“Œπ’Ύπ“ƒπ‘”?

    The Wolves of Wall Street: Ow Jones (left) and Billy Bank Assets. At least I think that's their names. The puns have just begun, folks! 

    Oh no, Steven's turned to the dark side! Who did this to him?

    Make it rain! Wait a sec, those aren't jungle bucks. Steven's throwing real money!

    "So the Millionaire becomes a Philanthropist -- a person who gives money away!"
    Mr. Smiley always considers the audience. Also he is on the ball in this episode. Just watch him call out these moves with zero hesitation:

    The Business-Loan Elbow

    "He's gonna make a withdrawal... oop! Overdraft!"

    "The Sea Wasp! Which is a very poisonous type of jellyfish!"
     I had to look that one up too. Thanks, Mr. Smiley!

    These costumes are amazing. Not only do they look good, but they have to let the wearer move freely and also stand up to a beating!

    Like the Charitable Take-downation!

    "No one is leaving here tonight unimpressed!"
    Lars, don't make Mr. Smiley a liar. Sheesh, some fans are never happy when things change.

    "Well, he just didn't seem into it, y'know? He used to care about his money! Now he's just giving it away! And he still just wins, like... every match."
    Yeah, I get you Lars. Like how Steven used to have to try to use his powers. Now he can just use them whenever he wants! And he still just wins, like... every battle. I mean I don't want him to lose, but...

    "Now get out of here and stop taking such a personal interest in my happiness and wellbeing!"

    "But who needs it, y'know? I mean... I needed it when I felt like... I wasn't good enough. But I don't feel like that anymore! ... Do you?"
    I'm glad to hear that Amethyst is feeling better about herself. But this raises an interesting point... what do you do when a bad feeling that feeds a creative outlet goes away? I guess Amethyst's position is that you just stop. I hope this isn't Rebecca Sugar confessing something...

    "Boo all you like! I don't care anymore! These belts don't mean anything to me! They never did."
    Aww Steven, the look on your face tells me you didn't mean a word you just said. Those belts mean a lot to you. You don't have to quit wrestling just because Amethyst did! 

    Oh snap, The Pumaman is back! Err I mean Purple Puma


    I love the change in their expressions as it pulls out for a wide shot. Steven and Amethyst are always adorable.

    And now we get to see Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire Philanthropist taking a dive, folks! As always, when Purple Puma's in the ring, each hit is spectacular. Check these bad boys out:





    "Finish it."
    Tiger and Puma were throwing this match on purpose. They wanted to go out with a...


    "How can this be happening?! It was just getting good! You can't quit now! Tiiiigeerrrr!"
    And so say we all each time a Steven Universe episode ends. You thought Ronaldo was standing in for us last episode? Nope. We at least get Lars.

    And what an ending! So there you go folks, when you lose your motivation to work on a thing, sometimes it's best to give it all and go out with a bang. Crewniverse, this does not apply to you. Keep working. Don't stop. Well, don't stop yet. But it's ok, they haven't! Room for Ruby premiers next week; same gem time, same gem channel! Will this be the episode where we finally find out what happened to the Rubies Steven promised he'd rescue?