• Episode Followup: Wanted- PART 2- The Trial

    Hillo here with part two of this space adventure! Steven goes to The Trial below the cut!

    We open on Steven in what is probably going to be made a Drake joke later.

    Enter the unluckiest Zircon ever, tasked with being the defendant of the OBVIOUSLY guilty Rose Quartz.
    So little time, so much to prepare.
    Before she can blow a gasket at Rose Quartz's cluelessness, the door opens.
    The court room...
    Enter the prosecutor, Smuggy McSmugface
    Good luck, Blue Zircon. You're really gonna need it.
    All rise for the diamonds!!
    Totally Straight Moment #746
    So where's Rose Quartz?
    Blue wants Rose to plead her case. Because once she's guilty, she can really make her suffer.
    The prosecution begins her case...
    With exhibit A
    The bubble's to keep the exhibit from contaminating the air with his big mouth.
    The prosecution insists she can prove this puny sausage child is Rose...
    With a witness!! Eyeball, fresh from space!

    Tensions rise in the court as Steven tries to insist he helped Eyeball. But she's not interested in his charity.
    Zircon is struggling to make a good defense.

    Steven decides to make his own case, and describe how he most definitely shattered Pink Diamond.
    Blue Diamond loses it when Steven gets the details all wrong.
    Yellow calls for a recess.
    Zircon realizes the prosecution doesn't make any sense.
    Court is back in session.
    Hi again, Lars.
    Zircon makes her case.
    Using the palanquin, she retells the supposed events of the shattering.
    And then points out the holes in the story. Why would Pink Diamond's entourage allowed Rose Quartz to even get near her?
    Yellow doesn't like what she's hearing.
    Zircon surmises Pink could only have been killed by someone she trusted. Like the DIAMONDS!!!!
    Zircon say whaaaaaaa?
    Court adjourned.
    'This means I win, right?'
    Insert cool lightning sound effects.
    While the diamonds argue, Steven helps Lars into the palanquin for their escape.
    The Wonkavator, Homeworld edition.
    Come with me, and you'll be in a world of creepy civilization.
    Yellow leaves the boys with a warning. They're out of their element, and they will most definitely be found.
    The palanquin plummets downward into the dark abyss of homeworld.
    To be continued...