• More Celebrity Jackbox at MomoCon 2017, Featuring Michaela Dietz, Grace Rolek, Shelby Rabara, and Jennifer Paz


    How would you like to see Michaela Dietz, Grace Rolek, Shelby Rabara, and Jennifer Paz play some games together (along with a couple other non-SU voice actors)? Well, great ready for hilarity! Also get ready for slight NSFW. Get to really know what the crew is thinking!

    Also, here are some highlights:

    The game begins with some choice usernames: Peridactle, Bob, Whammybah, and Grace.

    Geez okay Grace just making it real right out of the gate!

    Thank Peridactle, for voting for Bob.

    Peridactle takes the audience vote, despite losing the table vote!

    Lapis would absolutely tell "your mom" jokes. Also, Peridactle! That's dirty!

     Bob takes it!

    Peridactle bringing it home this round!

    Michaela: "For the record, I do sleep in full cosplay." (Timestamp)

     Grace please, this is the actual truth.

    Peridactle is making a lot of poop jokes today...

    Grace this is a fun game and you are taking it too seriously. Which, also turns out to be hilarious.

    Thanks, Bob, for voting for Peridactle.

    Bob's got the zingers today!

    Wait, I'm pretty sure Grace's answer is a CAH card. I think the audience knew it too...

    Yooo Peridactle that's rude as heck! But hey, guess it's working for this game!

     Peridactle threw it down!


    Sorry Whammybah, Peridactle takes this one.

    And pulls in for the lead!

    Shelby: "I'm obsessed with sharting." (Timestamp)

    Grace wins the final round!

    But Peridactle takes the game!


     Sorry, Peridactle, Whammybah takes this one.

    Bob and her water jokes!

    I can believe both those slogans - But Cake or Death took it home!

    Nice job Whammybah!

    Knocking Bob out of there!

    Turns out they actually want to be on this show though.

    They also wanted this to happen at the con.

    Bob! That is not safe for work!

    Well, Whammybah took home the table vote, but didn't take home the audience vote.

     Turns out Whammybah was absolutely correct!

    Sorry Peridactle... You tried.

    The final round! Once again, PERIDACTLE THAT'S DIRTY!

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