• Steven Universe: Will Steven Forgive Rose?

    Complicated relationships and stories are the heart of SU. And in the center of it all is a kid named Steven. As if being 14 wasn't tough enough, Steven got shouldered with being a half alien. And of course, the fact that his mom started and won a war, for which she's still being hunted down for. Yep, just your typical coming of age story, isn't it? See what's next for Steven and Zach (his voice actor) in this cool article by Den of Geek!

    Steven at his core, he has that childlike wonder, caring for all his friends and that is a core part of who he is. I feel like he’ll always have a little bit of that childlike energy in his character because he’s always very happy-go-lucky but it’s the things that happen to him that test the character and change him over time and make it more serious and more practical.

    Steven Universe: Will Steven Forgive Rose?

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