• Episode Followup: Back to the Kindergarten

    Didn't we kind of already go back to the Kindergarten like, a few times? Wasn't there that episode, Kindergarten Kid? I guess we're just back at it again anyway.

     Look at Steven! Being responsible and getting up at a reasonable hour.

    Sometimes that's all I want to do too, Steven.

    Wait, WHAT three things are you doing in the sink?!

    You prefer her seeing you wash your hair over brushing your teeth or cleaning your ears?

     Yes Steven. All Peridot needs it time to adjust to having her entire life stolen and the gem she cared most about leaving. Time is really all she needs. She'll be fine.

     Wait for what? You think Amethyst is going to make this situation worse somehow?

     Hey your family is worried about you, P Dot.

    That's a mood.

     I like how Amethyst just flips her over and tosses her about like it's nothing for either of them.

    Imagine, somebody drew this.

    The point of getting out for some fresh air is to give Steven his bathroom back!

     Peridot always has fantastic faces.

    "You can make us feel dumb by telling us all the stuff we don't know!" Honestly, pretty persuasive, Amethyst!

     Whoa there she goes!

    No more bathroom time!

    I guess it's just traditional to take the train to the Kindergarten every time now?

    Aww, his mouth makes a little heart!

    It's really cool that we get to see Amethyst exploring the Kindergarten after meeting the Famethyst!

    "It's empty with holes which were once full!" I mean it kind of always was, Amethyst?

    I bet she used to sit like this all the time when she was alone here.

     I believe I can fly!

    Hey was that thing about iron deposits and curly hair a curling iron joke?


    Woo, maybe Amethyst was right, and Peridot just needed some fresh air. A little change of scenery, too!

    Hey maybe don't talk about how Homeworld sucked all the life out of this place. I think Amethyst is still sensitive about that.

    "All of the Amethysts are gone."

    "All the well-made Amethysts are gone." You have so much tact, Peridot.

    Look at it! Look at her new son!

    You see, Peridot? Everything bounces back on Earth! You will too!

    Hey, 5,000 years to gather enough nutrients back to sprout a flower isn't that bad.

    Yay, a new project for Peridot! Making a new garden is just what she needs to get her mind off of losing everything!


    Uh hey did Steven get like a HECK TON stronger at some point?!

     Nice use of your powers there, Peridot.

    Don't dish it out if you can't take it!

     Quick, somebody photoshop that bag to say fertilizer!

     Yeah, aim right at the flower! The roots certainly don't need any of that life giving water.

    I identify as an attack helicopter.

     There are some fantastic Steven and Amethyst moments in this episode, let me tell you!

     Woo hoo, a smile! Everything's working out fine!


     Finally, Steven can stop washing his hair in the sink.

    Amethyst would pick the neatest sounding plant. Hydrangeas!

     Man, everything is turning out great! Almost too great. Who wants to bet that everything they planted died?

    Well, called that.

     Hey Amethyst, while you're calling out Peridot on not being a jerk when she's angry, maybe you could have that same talk with Lapis.

     I definitely missed Peridot faces during the hiatus.

    Dare you to find a better Peridot face from this episode.

     Whoa okay take it easy Dot.

     I was wrong. I found a better Peridot face.

     Well, you've done it now! You unleashed the plant uprising!

    Oh, just a gem monster that's been hiding out.

    Rest in pieces, Peridot.

     Hey if Peridot gets shelved in the series could we maybe see Jasper?


    Yooooo look at them go!

    Alright analysts what type of gem is this?

    Accurate mood for how we all feel at the start of the hiatus.

    "I was pretty much using this as a distraction from ... just a general sense of complete hopelessness I tend to deal with on a day-to-day basis." Peridot describing what watching episodes during the SU hiatus is like.

     tfw you don't want to improve your life but have nothing else going on.

    That was a really great episode! There was some awesome bonding time between Amethyst and Peridot and Amethyst and Steven. I wonder if Peridot will move into Amethyst's room now so that Steven can have the bathroom back.

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