• Episode Followup: Sadie Killer

    She's a Sadie Killer! And it's a Lamar and Jeff episode! We like those. Who will Sadie kill? Let's find out together after the break!

    Oh hey speaking of Lamar and Jeff, there they are! I hope Sadie isn't going to kill them! She looks happy enough.

    "What trouble? Hah, I'm a professional donut girl."
    A professional? Oh no, she's a hired gun! Hired to kill... donuts? Will I keep making this joke the entire followup? Answer below!

    Nope, I won't! Mmm, donuts. The dog-nut looks kinda gross, but I actually really want one.

    And here's the money shot! We've got your run-of-the-mill $2 and $3 bills, a Visa debit card complete with a valid Bank of America BIN, a Gift Card, and and unknown credit card.

    "It's also nice to have an outlet that doesn't involve space and gem stuff and... everything else going on."
    Yeah uh about that. Did you patch things up with Connie yet? We're going to need you to patch things up with Connie. Remember that thing I said about if she leaves the show so do I? I mean it, buddy. 

    "Working all these shifts by myself has been a huge drag. I'm totally used to doing his work, but I'm used to at least having him here to talk to. Now I gotta do that myself too. Oh c'mon Sadie, you missed a spot! Oh no, sorry!"
    Well, you know what they say about Lars. You go crazy with him, you go crazy without him. Or something. Poor Sadie!

    One of my pet-peeves is people who do this. C'mon Steven, how many napkins do you need? And c'mon Sadie, of course people are going to empty the dispenser if the napkins are all folded together like that!

    "Hold on, Steven. You got a really cool sentiment going on that can resonate with a wide audience."
    That's Steven's sound in a shellnut!

    "Doo-doo. But... the government... corrupts..."
    These lyrics are making us all woke.

    And now Jenny's grooving to her own be-be-be-be-beat. This band will go places. They've got so many good sounds to choose from!

    "Aw shoot!"
    Sadie is just adorable. And she's tough, too! Even after all the stress she's dealing with... Lars being stranded as a zombie on a distant planet, having to work all the shifts at The Big Donut... and yet she still manages to make time to come hear her friends play. And she gets there too late and all she says is "Aw shoot!"? Someone protect this wonderful muffin.

    Ok I didn't mean to stalk her, guys. That's not the best strategy.

    "Aw, doo-doo. I think I broke your bed."
    Man, how does Buck just keep getting these fantastic lines? It's almost as if his voice actor wrote the episo-waitaminute

    Whoa, Sadie has quite the collection! There's The Lurch, obviously, but she's also got Malevolent Cadavers 7, Return of the Army of the Malevolent Cadavers 3, Boss Feratu, Head in a Box, Archduke of Space... wait, what's that one in the top left? Is that Dr. Maheswaran and a cluster monster on the cover?

    Oh, huh, I guess the Dr. Maheswaran movie is called Galactic Insubordination. And is the one next to it just called Bread?

    Oh wait, Galactic Insubordination is the video under The Lurch, not the Dr. Maheswaran video. The reverse shot bamboozled me!

    And then pure magic happens.

    I love everything about this song. The way the bandmates gather and blend their instruments into the horror soundtrack...

    The way Sadie eases into full-blown poetic venting of all her stress from her job.

    The faces she makes along the way...

    And then as the song powers into the second chorus, the visuals kick into overdrive.

    All ending in some BS&P-approved gore!
    But seriously, this song is awesome. I love how the Crewniverse will embark on these super creative tangents every now and then and produce an amazing song on top of a great story.
    And I love this sound! I only know a couple other bands with a horror-movie aesthetic to their music. If you know any more, please put 'em in the comments.

    "You're not Sadie Miller. You're Sadie Killer."
    Ohhh, that's why they called it that. As an aside, my prediction that she was going to kill donuts? It came true.

    "Aww, doo-doo."
    Buck, just like Garnet, speaks volumes with very few words. Man, poor Sadie. She really needs some way of getting away from The Big Donut for a while. Take a vacation! Or at least a sick day! I mean I know you need to get paid, but I hope you're already making tons of overtime pay from the long hours you're working!

    "Rawr, I'm a bad bad boy!"
    Ha ha, you're not fooling anyone, Steven. You're not a-... hey wait so have you patched things up with Connie yet?
    "First, lose your youth to your boring job. Then, lose the only person you've ever felt truly close to. And then, lose your mind working all his shifts."
    Yikes. I feel so bad for Sadie here. As she sang before, she hates her job. Now she seems to be saying she's wasted her life here. But until now, Lars made it bearable. With him gone, not only is she horribly lonely without his company, but she also has to do twice the work. This was stated at the top of the episode, but she really drives it home here. Sadie, why do you stay at a job you hate so much? Lars isn't around to keep you anchored here anymore.

    "This job is a drag, but at least I know it's a drag. It's normal. There's something nice about that, you know?"
    Inertia is a powerful thing. Sadie may hate working at The Big Donut, but it's what she's used to. She feels a sense of safety and stability working there. If she were to throw that away, she'd be permanently launching herself out of her comfort zone... even though her comfort zone isn't very comfortable at all.

    She doesn't even mention the paycheck, but that's another big motivation for people to stay at a job they hate. They need the money to live, and don't want to take the risk of not being able to find a better job and missing out on the paycheck they do have. When you're at that point, you're basically a wage slave. And it sucks.

    Steven, you've never had to work a day in your life. Working an awful job is an experience I'd wish on no-one.

    And you didn't even need napkins that time, Steven! Sometimes I wonder if you do this on purpose.

    "Can't believe your car can hold all these amps!"
    Yes, conveniently so. The trunk even closes completely so they didn't have to animate them!
    "You can't help being cute more than I can help being cool."
    There's another line that could've gone to either Buck or Garnet. Is there going to be an episode where Buck turns out to be a fusion?

    "Yo... what if this was all a dream?"
    Buck's last line of the episode just seals the deal. We only have Buck's word that the Seafood Festival even exists, let alone booked them for the show. What if he dreamed the whole thing? What if this entire episode is a dream? What if the entire Wanted arc is a dream? What if Steven never actually broke Connie's heart by tricking her into leaving a space ship without him and then flying off to his death? I could live with that.
    "I can do it! I can do the show! I can come!"

    Aww yiss! Stage version of The Working Dead please! And more songs by the band! Please make a full album. I have money, I will buy it! Who else would buy that?

    "I quit!"
    Whoa, wait what? I uh.... well I mean, on the one hand I'm happy that Sadie finally convinced herself to leave the job she hated but like... it seems like it was a snap decision on her part. I hope she doesn't come to regret rocket-jumping out of her job like that.

    Also Former Mayor Dewey should get in gear. The Big Donut needs employees, stat!

    So, will we find out the consequences of Sadie's decision to ditch the Donut next episode? That'd be nice. I'll recap it for you tomorrow!