• Sadie Killer / Kevin Party - Episode Discussion/Streams

    You know what they say. Let a show kill a character, and suddenly they want to kill all the characters. In what was probably supposed to be a Halloween episode (thanks Hasbro), Sadie gets killed! Thankfully Steven was there to bring her back to life. But now the humans of Beach City must band together to help her figure out who murdered her! Just like every other episode that came out recently, expect that we won't get the answer by the end of the episode.

    But that's alright because there's one more! You know that character we all thought was safe to hate? No, I mean Kevin. Yeah, him. Time for a redemption episode! We learn that his full name is Kevin Party, and all he wants out of life is to be cool. But he wasn't always that way! Steven finds Kevin's secret diary, and we get an episode about Kevin's struggle to just get through high school. Picked on by bullies. Getting good grades. Extracurricular activities! He turns his life around when he persuades his parents to buy him an expensive car. That's how he became so cool!

    And then the last page of the diary has a signed confession about how he killed Sadie! So don't worry, it's safe to hate him again.

    All Pink Lars and Normal Sadie sadfics get jossed at 7 PM ET/PT it's on the website. Links after the break.

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