• Story: Reunion

    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: TheMarkovProperty
    Description: Stevonnie formed clutching as much of their body as they could possibly hold. Tears already streaming down their cheeks, their breathing came deep and frantic, as if to compensate for lost time. “I thought I’d never be me again,” they eventually whispered. “I was so scared; I missed you so much.” Their eyes opened to a silent and spinning room, empty save for Garnet and Steven-dad on the porch. The room shuddered, and they braced themself against the mattress, “Woah. I- I don’t feel so good.” “Do you… want to?” “No! No.” “It’s OK. We’re OK.” “I’m here,” they reminded each other. “With you.” They closed their eyes and folded their legs. “Flexibility?” They took a deep breath, freeing their mind of bias and judgement. “Check.” “Love.” They smirked and shrunk slightly, both nervous and proud. Their exuberance quickly turned to uncertainty. “Trust?” Unbidden, a scene unfolded across their mind’s eye, one of desperation and failure, of broken promises, of dark, empty skies. They let the thought play out then took a moment to calm their mind. “We can start there.” Tell me everything.