• Susan Egan l Panel Pieces from Equestria LA and Quotes!

    With Emerald spending the weekend with Susan, she heard some nice tidbits that might pique your interest! By that we mean, minor spoilers!

    Here's some panel highlights:

    Quotes from the weekend!
    "There are episodes coming up of the origin of Rose and Pearl that blew my mind."
    "I think Rose is just love personified."
    "You're going to meet some new gems this season."
    "I get really emotional reading the scripts and I get to the studio and I have to read it once and then recover."
    "I can't wait to see the moment when Rose makes the choice that she's going to make." (Having Steven)
    "I still have major issues about what Rose did. I'm interested to see how the series wraps around to that."

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