• Episode Followup: Jungle Moon

    WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! Oh hey, another new storyboard artist, Miki Brewster. Cool!

    As a big Stevonnie lover, I highly enjoyed this episode. It was really great to see them get the spotlight again!

    Cool lights. Too bad they come from a heavily damaged ship.


    Hey Lars nothing in your homemade space ship is working. This is JUST like the time Pearl tried to take Steven into space.

     Those skull gauges really make the outfit.

     Well, that's not good.

     Definitely not good.

     Hey, maybe next time don't go out in a rickety ship built by Lars? What does he know about space ships?

    Okay, if that blast from Emerald didn't take them out, a crash landing on a foreign planet is going to.

     Great episode, now let's flashback to Earth where Lars tells them what happened.


    Calm down Stevonnie it's just a plant... An alien plant!

    Whoa. What happened there?

    Woo hoo! Stevonnie is going to be saved!

    Except that nothing works.

     Everything's busted.

    It's interesting that Stevonnie can go through all this turmoil and still remain harmoniously fused.



    Kick its butt, Stevonnie!

    Oh, wow. That's kind of brutal.

    What the WHAT?

    Sooooooo are you going to like, eat that?

    Look at them! All determined!


    Silicon Valley elites are spending $60 for less than 3 gallons of dangerous, unfiltered water

    You bet that two Earth kids would find a dinosaur alien amazing!

     At least Stevonnie is remaining positive! Good vibes!

    I mean, Steven hangs with aliens every day, and Connie pretty frequently as well.

     I bet all this survival stuff is Connie's part of the fusion.

    Oooooohhhh they grew a little stubble! I'm sure this is always what Bismuth imagined this sword would be used for.

    Heck yeah you look good!

     This is such a cool planet. Looks like Homeworld hasn't destroyed all of the universe yet!

    I can just imagine Connie and Steven having the conversation about whether they should or shouldn't eat a living creature.

    It's so little! And cute!


    You've done it now!

    Yooooooo WHAT IS THAT?

    This thing just curled up and rolled down that hill! WHAT!?

     Look at them go! Dang!


     Close one.

    I don't know, have you been there before?

    Aww, look at that little mug Connie brought along!

    "Goodnight Stevonnie."

    "Goodnight Stevonnie."

    They're so cute!

    Are they dreaming about the inside of Lion's mane?

    They look so comfy!

    The Crewniverse is so in tuned to details, like the little bit of sleepy drool!

    Aww, the Connie part is dreaming about being home!

    Oh that's different.

    Really good Stevonnie face.

    Dreams are weird.

    What is Connie's mom doing?

    "Yes, I know there's organic life on the surface. It's an invasion." Wowee that is cold!

    Still determined, even in the dream realm!

    But not too happy about mom not listening.

    HEY what is that outside?

     They're so small!

    This dream gets weirder and weirder.

    Nephrite! That could be Centipeetle!


     And there they go!

     Well, this is a change.

    Oooohhh, Steven and Connie's memories have merged!

    Hey wait a second! We're back on that planet that Stevonnie crashed on!

    I feel the same way.

    Huh. No fear of Yellow Diamond?

    I guess if it's the dream realm, Steven would feel pretty safe.

    Look at this adorable face!

    So when you say "colonize", you mean destroy.

     Let! Stevonnie! Command! A! Drop! Ship!

     Hey just let them help???

     The dream continues to get weirder...

     Ooooo are we going to see Yellow conversing with another one of the Diamonds?

    Nope, it's just a drop ship.

     Aww, little diamond eyes!

     Boop boop!

    Whoa hey Stevonnie is tiny be gentle!

     Oh snap they're in big trouble now.

    She mad!

     "You have so many worlds and I don't even have one." Hang on a second...

    There are some great emotional expressions on the characters in this episode, I just have to say.

     They almost look like they're about to break dance. XD

     Throwing a little tantrum?

     "I want my own army!"

     “I want my own planet!”

    “I deserve it!”

    “I’m just as important as you!”

    YOOOOOOOOOOOO this is a scene that went down between Yellow Diamond and Pink Diamond? Wait, Pink Diamond is tiny???

     That was some REAL heavy stuff.

     IT'S HER!






    Interesting that she shattered her own reflection... Almost like she shattered herself...

     OH NO Stevonnie!


    I'm feeling that too, Stevonnie. That was heavy.

     Was it only a dream?

     Huh, didn't notice that huge mural above your bed, did you?

     Hey, that orb looks kind of like the one on the Moon Base, except inactive.

     Feeling that Stevonnie. Feeling that.

     They're making that face again!

    Hey! That's the planet from the dream!

    This is where they just were!

    If you were thinking the small Pink Diamond thing was just a result of weird dream world, there's the punch mark right at Stevonnie's height.

     Huh. I wonder why Homeworld left?

    There's so much life on this planet that apparently they didn't colonize it.


     Wow, still works? That's some pretty good tech.

    I can't believe Yellow Pearl invented the selfie.

     There's Lars! It worked!

    I wonder if the communicator just popped up next to Lars. Interesting that it didn't pop up on the big front window like with Emerald.

    Lars??? Worried about someone besides himself???

    He really has had some great development.

    They're going to be rescued! They're going to live!

     Oh no.


     THAT is not good!

    I guess they left Rose's sword down below. At least they could still call a shield?

     Yeah I don't know how to feel about that alien either.

     You're in trouble now!


     HEY WHAT?!?!?!

    Lars did it!

     Off Colors to the rescue!

    Stevonnie did what they said! They survived!

    Something still the matter, Stevonnie?

    It bothers you that Pink Diamond shattered herself in your dream, doesn't it, Stevonnie?

    Well, that's all folks! A fantastic episode with an amazing reveal.

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