• Episode Followup: The Big Show

    Now I know some of you are thinking, "Oh no, another Boardies episode." Well hush, because remember, in this show, no episode is filler. But this episode is killer. Sadie Killer. It's a follow-up to Sadie Killer. What kind of person doesn't like Sadie Killer? A person with bad taste in music, that's who!

    If I haven't offended you, feel free to join me for an in-depth look after the break!

    Before we move on, how about that title card though, right? I love how SU title cards always start out giving some indication of setting and time of day. This one's static. Why? Because we spend the entire episode inside a VHS camcorder! Very cool.

    We start off with a quick reminder of what Sadie and the Cool Kids sound like. Y'know, in case for some reason you didn't add The Working Dead to your everyday playlist.

    "Just another hot track from Sadie Killer and The Suspects."
     Ooh and the band has a name! It's so perfect!

    "Okay, but why are you recording it on that giant shoebox?" "It's my dad's old camcorder. These are your early days. The footage has to look old!"
    I wonder if any music documentaries have actually done this. And by that I mean intentionally degraded the quality of early band footage to make it look more "authentic."

    "Uh oh, there's a film crew! Good thing us Millers only have good angles, huh?"
    Barb is fantastic. I guess I can see how Sadie might be a bit embarrassed, being a teenager and all, but I'd love to have Barb as my mom.

    "Let me know if you kids wanna stick around for dinner. I'm making a salad that's mostly cheese!"
    Oh man, maybe Barb already is my mom!

    Aw yes, we get another song! And these costumes fit it perfectly. I love how the song starts out sounding like your typical teen bubblegum pop song...

    Is she holding a wireless mic or a flashlight?

    "You better watch out, it's gonna get loud! I'm killing the stage, and killing the crowd."
    ...and then it takes a dark turn into their real style.

    "Nice Wolfman, Buck!" "I'm a witch's cat!"
    Ahh, dollar store halloween costumes.

    "But when we make it big, we'll have the finest tombstone hats money can buy."
    It's good to set attainable goals. Also what would an expensive tombstone hat look like?

    "And so it begins, our rise to stardom. Followed by the inevitable in-fighting and disagreements that will tear us apart in a beautiful explosion of emotions." "Oh, don't worry, that won't happen." "Aww, shoot."
    Wow, that's a bit bleak, Buck. You're perfect for this band!

    I love how Greg tends to be good at what he does, even if his ambitions after quitting the music business dropped quite a bit. A lot of shows like this tend to depict fathers as bumbling. Greg can be a goofball, but he always pulls through.

    From concept sketch done in crayon (classic Steven!)...

    ...To finished product! I want one of those shirts!

    "Well I may be old, but that didn't stop me from getting them a gig in-" "In some no-name city. It's not a big deal."
    Aww Sadie, your mom just wants to be proud of you! Invite her to the show, what's the worst that could happen? Oh right.
    Steven did a good job with that design. That logo is so versatile!

    "My girl's playing in Empire City? This is a huge deal!"
    I feel so bad for Barb here. She so enthusiastically cheers for Sadie and is so proud to see her finding success...
    "Mom! We've talked about this! The band is my thing, and I just want to be able to do it on my own."
    ... but Sadie pushes her away because she's afraid of being smothered again.

    Aww, look at the disappointment on her face. Steven, I hope you at least show her the concert video afterwards.

    Wow, so that's why they call it the Fog of War!

    "Ugh, my mom used to be so into my life, it was suffocating! But now I get to be Sadie Killer. And it's something that's totally mine! And I know she's just waiting to get her hands on it!"
    The classic struggle of a mother wanting to help her daughter do everything and her daughter's struggle for independence. Sadie's convinced her mother takes credit for everything she does.

    "It's kind of amazing that your mom is excited about your band. It's just... really nice to see."
    And just like that, Greg reframes the whole thing for her. He always knows just what to say.

    They're on the road to Empire City! I hope Sadie's newfound perspective on her mom doesn't sap her confidence during the performance.

    "They were clip-ons."
    Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Dewey's a man of efficiency. Why waste time tying ties?

    Not a bad crowd for your first big show... and hey, Mystery Girl is here! Oh man, if Mystery Girl is into Sadie Killer and the Suspects, then you know they're good.

    Ahh, I knew Barb would want to see Sadie perform! Don't let it get to you, Sadie. She's not about to charge the stage and take the credit. She just wants to be proud of you.

    And then we get our second song of the episode. And this one's really well done too! Can we get a Sadie Killer and the Suspects album, please? And maybe a concert DVD too? Because I love what the Crewiverse does with these performances!

    The Cool Kids are all pretty good actors, too. Okay, well true, Buck has always perfected the art of aloofess.

    But Sour Cream is just as good at it!

    This whole concert must've been amazing to storyboard. The staging is so cool, and I love the idea of a ghost singing about realizing she's dead while surrounded by her mourning friends.

    And Sadie's stage presence is electric!

    I also love the little detail here of her turning the mic off before she lets go of it so it doesn't make a loud noise.

    Wow. Just wow. If I were in that crowd, I'd be stunned too. That was a spectacular performance.

    "Hey mo-" "Sunshine Justice!"
    Oh-ho, so it wasn't Barb after all! I wonder if Sadie would've put more or less energy into her performance if she had known?

    "But Sadie Killer and the Suspects? That crowd was going crazy! You're really something. You kids are welcome to play at the venue any time!"
    Whoa, now that's high praise. Sure, you'd expect people who know and are friends with Sadie and the Cool Kids to like their work, but a complete stranger who manages a music venue? That means a lot! And Sunshine Justice knows her stuff. She really loves rock and roll.

    "I went all-out thinking my mom was at the show... I can't believe I kind of wanted her to be there! Well, not even kind-of. I did!" 
    Aww yiss, Sadie's finally becoming ready to let her mom back into her life again.

    "Hey Mr. Universe, let's play our next show in Beach City!" "I'll make it happen."
    And I hope we're invited. More Sadie Killer and the Suspects, please!

    "That's all, folks!"
    And that's all for the episode. Isn't it nice to have one where everything goes right for once? Well, if anyone needs me, I'll be looking up Sadie Killer cover bands on Youtube. See you next week!