• Story: We Are All Conscious Manifestations of Light

    [Crossover] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Completely Different
    Description: For all that they look so similar, Gems and humans are very different. Those differences can be exciting and interesting, but for Steven and his daemon Aster, it can be pretty lonely, too. After all, as Pearl says, "It would be utterly illogical for Gem ‘souls’, as some human philosophers have called daemons, to be bound to the shape of a single Earth life-form." So Gems don't have daemons! Or if they do, they're hidden, tucked away on the inside. That's okay, Aster knows it's okay. But she can't help wishing they weren't, if only so Aster could have some others to cuddle and play with, and teach her what shape she's meant to be...
    We Are All Conscious Manifestations of Light

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - His Dark Materials