• Episode Followup: Made of Honor

    Hello all! Welcome back another episode followup with me, Little Ursa! Yesterday, we got another episode that's dealing with the power couple, Ruby and Sapphire! And I'm happy that I got to take a look at this episode. Find out why after the break!

    All week we have been taking a look at Ruby and Sapphire. It's been a while since we saw the dynamic duo separated for so long. In fact, this may have been the longest time. And now they're getting married! So cute!

    In fact, I think Steven may have made this for them the second Ruby planned to propose.

    Man, these two are just so cute, even when planning the biggest day of their life.

    And what wedding planning would be complete without a work party! They even got Peri out from the barn to join in the fun. Can't you just tell she's having a blast?

    "This folding bone is so nice! Who knew planning a wedding could be so fun?!"
    Such a Pearl scene and a Pearl reaction to a simple tool. Even after five seasons, we see her enjoying the small things about Earth.

    I would love to open the invite and see this little stamp. I guess Steven was planning on this since....forever ago.

    Seeing everyone work together (yes, even Peridot) for the wedding just shows to me how much of a family the Crystal Gems are. They're with each other no matter what, and they will happily help one another (well, maybe not happily for Peridot, but she's there).

    I absolutely love Pearl and Amethyst's dynamic and how it hasn't changed. Yeah, Amethyst was given the task of setting up the chairs, but Pearl still wants it perfect.

    Not that it's a major issue or anything, but is Steven ordained to officiate weddings? I mean, I know that these two aren't even human, but I still think that this might be a problem.

    "All the Crystal Gems that are corrupted or....bubbled in the basement...."
    Seeing Sapphire lamenting about their fallen comrades is just beautiful. Of course, I like it when we see the 'human' side of gems, but it's just so touching that both Ruby and Sapphire would love to have their old friends be a part of their big day. What's more beautiful is Ruby's offer of bring the bubbles on the beach. Bubbled gems can't experience anything in that state, but it's still a beautiful thought.

    Steven's work never seems to be done, inviting and planning a wedding is hard work. You have to make sure you invite everyone....

    Oh. Oh boy.

    This has to be very hard for Steven. Not just bringing back a gem that tried to kill him, but also having to address everything about Pink Diamond.

    Great. Now I have to figure out how to come up with this outfit for a cosplay.

    "Did Rose do this?"

     Bismuth's expression. I personally rewatched this scene for that expression. It's one of sheer horror. This is something she can't really even fathom. Seeing her comrades, her friends, basically her family imprisoned in her old home. It's gotta hurt.

    And like the friend she is, she goes to the rescue....

    ....only to see something she can't imagine.

    "This is not the Biggs you knew before!"
    Frozen in fear and disbelief, Bismuth's reaction to seeing a corrupted gem does give us some information about gems. Corruption must not been understood by any gems, Homeworld or abroad, until after the Diamonds left Earth. Even the smallest thing from an episode can give us a lot of information.

    This hurts to see. Bismuth is fighting against one of her favorite gems, and it pains her to even just hold them off.

    It's okay, Bismuth, we all had that reaction to the news about Pink.

    "Are you....okay?" "Yeah. Hang on a sec...."

    That's also okay, Bismuth, we all also had that reaction to the news about Pink.

    Jokes aside, Bismuth seems to keep getting the short end of the stick every time we see her. The breaking point, Steven being Rose, and now Pink Diamond. It's just nice to see her smile and relax, even for a second.

    It's also nice to see that she trusts Steven too.

    "What?! No! They're my favorite couple!"
    It really seems like Bismuth is experiencing everything we had months to process within mere minutes. Man, she's definitely tougher than me in that regards (and literally, of course).

    "....so what's a wedding?"

    I feel like Bismuth will enjoy learning about learning about human culture and customs after all of this.

    5000 years, and these two still love showing off their abilities to one another. So cute how proud Ruby looks.

    Same goes for these three. Without a word we know what's going on, feeling what they feel, and laughing with Amethyst.

    "I don't want to ruin the surprise!"
    It's so adorable how Steven wants to surprise everyone with Bismuth, but I feel the disguise is paper-thin at best.

    "They don't know I'm doing this? Wait, I can't do this!"
    Bismuth's hesitation is completely understandable. I mean, she tried to kill Steven and, to her knowledge, she thinks the rest of the gems believe that she just disappeared. How do you come back from that?

    So....Ruby and Sapphire have a wedding registry?

    I mean, it makes sense.

    Not totally weird, but makes you wonder if Ruby, Sapphire, or Garnet even played tennis.

    ....this one had to be Ruby.

    This small smile from Bismuth kinda means something to me. We have to remember, this is her first time really hanging with Steven one-on-one (that doesn't involve a weapon that can cause a war crime). While she sees where Steven is coming from, she has never experienced Steven the way we know Steven. Her reaction is one of "I get it, but sorry". She has a long way to go.

    *cue awkward laughter*

    What toast is perfect without a horrible joke? Also, Peridot is drinking soda on another level.

    "All of us....including....!"
    I laughed at this hard than I should have.

    Steven goes to find Bismuth, only to see that she left. But where could she have gone?

    The only place where Bismuth feels at home.

    Bismuth is understandably hurt. You can't blame her for just wanting to feel at peace, especially since she feels rejected and alone after so many eons bubbled, only to be rebubbled after attacking Steven.

    "Why?! Why are the Crystal Gems still together after finding out everything was a sham?"

    "Someone is making them believe in the future, and it's you!"

    This is a serious question that Bismuth had; why are the Crystal Gems still together after they found out Rose was Pink? Well, the answer was pretty obvious. Steven gives people hope. He makes them believe, and that is why I love this show. Despite everything going on, somehow Steven still inspires hope to everyone around him.

    It's kinda interesting to see this. Apparently when Bismuth is stressed, she just does what she was made to do: make weapons. We all have something that we find peace in, and this is her's.

    "I blew it."

    Bismuth wants to come back, she just doesn't know how.

    "We had a fight, so we can make up, right?"

    Steven stresses to Bismuth that he wants Bismuth back. It's just as simple as that and that's all it has to be.

    "Hmph, spoken like a leader." "No, spoken like a friend."


    "Ha! I win!"

    Peridot certainly has her eyes on the prize. But the collective can-drop was beautiful.

    Which then turns into a dogpile on the blacksmith.

    And what wedding guest would show up with out a gift?

    And that will do it for this followup! Man, it was great to see Bismuth again. I was certainly surprised! Be sure to check out the next episode! I'm sure there's going to be some serious 'Bismuth' with that half-hour special!