• Story: You've Got a Lot in Common

    [Sad] [Slice of Life]

    Author: thesometimeswarrior
    Description: Pearl doesn’t turn to look at him as she walks past the couch where he’s sitting and proceeds to the stairs that lead to the loft. She ascends halfway—just enough to see Steven’s sleeping form in his bed—then stops, bowing her head. “I keep doing it too,” Greg says, after a moment. “Glancin’ up there to make sure he’s still there. Counting his breaths. Like if I stop, he’ll disappear again.” “I used to watch him sleep almost every night after he moved in here, until a little over a year ago. When he found out, he more or less told me that he didn’t want me to, so I stopped. But tonight, I…These past few days…” She pauses, and when she speaks again, it’s hardly louder than a whisper. “I thought I’d lost him.” Pearl and Greg, when Steven returns from Homeworld.
    You've Got a Lot in Common