• Episode Followup: Crossover Nexus

    So, it's not exactly a Steven episode, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it! In fact, it would absolutely criminal if we didn't talk about this crossover episode. Join me after the page break to check out this wonderful trip down memory lane.

    Well, this is a very welcoming start.

    Very welcoming in indeed. Wait, is that Townsville Hall?

    And who is that on top of it?

    That shadowy foot looks familiar....

    "Come out, come out, wherever you are."
    So this our baddie for this crossover? Looks like Red X has some competition.

    Another shadowy figure that looks very familiar.

    Seems he wants to hunt the most dangerous game: heroes.

    Those acrobatics are certainly recognizable. As is that figure.

    He took out Jake?! But he has puppies to look after!

    And Prohyas?! Has he no decency?!

    "This one seems like he's got some fight in him."
    Well, they are right about one thing, KO is, indeed, a sweety bo-beety.

    Not exactly a graceful entrance.

    "I am Strike. Howdy, hero!"

    That wouldn't be the most evil thing to say, but I'm not the villain here. Besides, KO is in danger!


    Saved by a guardian angel!

    "No time for introductions!"

    Or rather a guardian gem! Garnet!

    "Guys, this way! Come on!"

    And Ben Tennyson!

    It doesn't surprise me in the least that KO actually has his Pow Cards with him. And I love it so much that he wants to learn more about his new friends!

    I love the smug look Garnet has here. She's proud of what she is, and happy to brag about it.

    Anyone else bummed we didn't get the rest of the gems in the fray?

    "The name's Garnet."

    KO has the same expression that we all had when we first met Garnet.

    I just love how happy KO is to meet new people. Such a bean.

    Man, this reminds me of how much I loved meeting Ben way back when.

    Ah, Four-Arms. Ben's go-to alien for punching his problems away.

    ....and now he's stuck as Four-Arms. This is also kinda happens a lot when he goes Four-Arms when he should have been a different alien to start with.

    Garnet's amazing acrobatics helping her kick butt, as usual.

    But despite being Four-Arms when he should have been a different hero, Ben usually finds a good way to make use of him.

    Oh my goodness, Garnet is Wesker. How else can you explain the glasses throwing?

    "Garnet, your cool glasses!"
    The level of concern they show for Garnet's glasses is just great.

    Garnet certain knows how to take the lead.

    "They just gave me the clarity and focus for me to use my future vision...."

    "....also they're prescription."
    Rebecca, please tell me this is canon.

    Now this place looks familiar....

    Whoa, who did Ben just run into?

    "It's hideous!"
    I mean, he's not wrong.


    High Five Ghost?

    Huh, so that's what happened to Robot Jones.




    Ilana? Shnitzel? Weasel? What happened to them?

    One-One? Juniper Lee? Frankie? And are those posters of Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls?

    Jake P. Spidermonkey? Double D? Duncan? Nessie and Bigfoot (between Duncan's legs)? Alfie? Grim? Octus? Chicken?

    Rex? Kiva? Courage? Periwinkle? The Talking Dog? Tiggy? K'nuckles?

    Geez, this is getting creepy.

    Man, this is crazy. Talk about a trip down memory lane. I mean, along with the graffitti of Cartoon Cartoons and Shorties, we got Carl, Jorel's brother, Larry 3000 (oh, I have missed Time Squad), Major Doctor Ghastly, Numbuh 5, Blastus, Valentino....

    ....Apple, Rodney, Hedgehog, Lazlo, Jake, Grizz, Prohyas, Erin from Miguzi, Sheep, Jeff (hiding behind Garnet funnily enough), Kelsey, Double-D again, Lu, King Rufus, Golly Gopher, and I think that's Jeffrey Cat over there. As for the posters, I spy some Adventure Time, Samurai Jack (for the final season at that!), our boy Steven Universe, and Johnny Bravo.

    And we even have Greg and Jason Funderburker, Monkey, and Black Hat. This is wild.

    Oh, we even have a Titan, but she's still giving us sass.

    Wow, even more posters with Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Craig Of The Creek, and The Amazing World of Gumball. And even an old school slogan (back with Fred Fredburger).

    "I got a protection spell off just before he 'x'ed me."

    Seems legit.

    That must be the Ruby in Garnet; punching her problems away.

    As well everyone else, we have Raven giving herself an explanation of who she is and the kind of team she normally hangs with.

    "Uh....excuse me?"

    "That's better."
    I second that. She is the daughter of one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe after all.

    Now, how did all of this start and what is this world?

    "....a great city of heroes."

    Wait a minute....all of this looks so familiar. And those little guys....THEY'RE NOODS!

    Well, that totally isn't a cliche for a villain.


    I also spy some more posters, with our current Ben 10 and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

    "New friend!"
    This little boy is a ray of sunshine.

    So, where is Strike hiding?

    Probably at the fortress pass the impassable chasm. Again, seems legit.

    "Still smarter than Beast Boy."

    And with that, the Fellowship is complete and begins their journey.

    Raven does show us that while she can still levitate, that's about the limit of her current abilities.

    I love KO when he gives us expressions like this.

    "I just realized that we all come from teams of really great heroes!"
    Garnet giving KO such a loving mom look. I think this is Sapphire seeing Ruby in him.

    Such a good boy.

    Garnet gave him a better score than his real mom gave him!

    This is why I love this episode so much. They all actually enjoy each other's company. Makes me miss the days when all the Cartoon Network characters all lived in the same city.

    Oh yeah, that impassable chasm. That's still a thing.

    Seeing this in the preview mad me laugh more than it should. And, of course, KO being a good little bean on Garnet's head.

    "Everyone hold on to my super strong legs!"

    I was hoping for a Lady Legasus joke.

    No, KO!

    Garnet's Mama Bear instincts kick very nicely here.

    So, it's official. KO has two moms and Garnet has two sons.

    Nothing I can say can make this better.

    Garnet coming in to save the day.

    "No one hurts my friends!"
    Not the first time we heard that from Garnet, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

    And through the traps!

    But they aren't out of the woods yet.

    Well, look who's back.

    And he's got them pinned down.

    "And now to start my incredibly long, uninterruptible, power-up sequence."

    This guy is taking a page or two from Dragon Ball Z.

    "Without our powers, face it, he's got us pinned!"

    "Pinned? Pen? Penned?"

    Got give credit to where it's due for the weapon's design.


    "I figured this thing can create as well as destroy!"

    Reminds me of another robot with a simple switch.

    Ah yeah, Ben's back and ready to shapeshift!

    Raven's back with her magic and....looking pretty scary.

    And Garnet's back with her cool shades!

    "I never actually lost my powers. The only thing I've been missing is my friends, but I just realized I have friends right here!"
    "As long as we're together, nothing can stop us!"
    "OK, KO; let's be heroes."

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that Garnet made that line so much cooler but just having KO on her arm like that.

    The length of his power up is putting Goku to shame.

    One of my favorite things to see in OK KO!: Let's Be Heroes. It's just a fun reminder of old school cartoons.

    This was the scene we were treated to at San Diego Comic-Con, and to say the least, I am not disappointed of how this was done.

    Some seriously good action scenes and poses all around.

    Now this was a cool thing to see. Garnet's third eye doesn't get as much love as it used to in SU, but this was just cool to see it like this....

    Raven doing what she does best.

    And Ben also joining in the fight as....!

    What's going on with his Omnitrix?

    Good think KO knows what's up. and gives some good advice....

    ....and a power fist!

    And now, for one of the best scenes in the last 25 years of Cartoon Network history:

    25 years of Cartoon Network history coming together to take down a villain. It's something so beautiful.
    Let's watch again. Animated.

    And the old Cartoon Cartoon jingle they used. Too perfect.

    And the day is saved.

    "This should reprogram it to make the world as good as new."

    "Better than new!"

    The episode could have ended with that scene and I would have been happy. It's such a cute thing to see.

    Everyone is back to normal!

    And the town is back to normal! We have the KND Treehouse, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Townsville Hall, the Acme Corporation, the Park, Finn and Jake's Treehouse, Titan's Tower, and so much more! AND THE NOODS ARE BACK!

    And all is right with the world, thanks to our heroes.

    But all good things must come to an end. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

    Ben heads off back to the Rust Bucket with Grandpa Max and Gwen.

    Raven heads back to Titans Tower.

    "Wait a minute!"

    "Phew, close call."
    That could have been weird.

    But being who he is, KO doesn't want to say goodbye.

    "Garnet, am I ever going to see you again?"
    It was at this time I told my self repeatedly not to cry.

    "I don't know. But whatever happens, I know I will not forget you."

    Garnet has the power level of Ruby and Sapphire. This is now canon. At least in my heart.

    He is such a good baby boy.

    And off she goes.

    As does he.

    "What happened?"
    You wanna know what happened? The greatest crossover in cartoon history, and we have you to thank.

    And there's your proof, KO.

    I cannot stress how much I loved this episode. It's too beautiful to see all of these old, current, and (to a small degree) new shows come together to make a wonderful special. In 11 minutes, we got to see almost all of Cartoon Network's 25 year history come together. I've been watching Cartoon Network basically the moment I moved to the United States at the age of two, and this special was like being in a time machine. Every time I rewatch it, I get reminded of so many great memories I've made thanks to this channel. So thank you Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting, Ian Jones-Quartey, Rebecca Sugar, the voice actors, the animators, and really everyone else who made this magical episode a reality.

    Maybe we'll get another one in the future?