• Legs From Here to Homeworld - Episode Discussion/Streams

    164 days. We've been waiting very, very long for this hiatus to end. And it finally is! If you need a refresher, we last left Steven staring up into the concerned eyes of the Crystal Gems... and his two new giant Aunts.

    Probably. I'm not sure how the family dynamic is going to go with the Diamonds. But hey, I guess in this episode, we might find out! The Diamond hand ships are folded over each other on the Delmarva coast, leaving everyone stranded on Earth. Or are they? After all, Lapis Lazuli gems can fly through space all by themselves. Do you really think a Diamond would be without that ability? Turns out, of course they aren't! One of Steven's latent Diamond abilities is the power to literally walk through space! The Diamonds just don't do it because it's horribly inconvenient. And it takes a long time. But eh, the Crystal Gems figured they'd get a head start heading for Homeworld, and maybe Peridot and Lapis can pick them up in a repaired hand ship once they recover from being poofed.

    Yes yes, this is a good plan.

    Steven takes his first step into the stars at 7:30 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you forgot your space pants, don't worry! We'll have streams and downloads after the break.

    And just in case anyone's been lost in space for this entire hiatus and hasn't seen this episode early, please keep the comments spoiler-free until after it airs.